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06300-PR7-305 coil kit fit a 2002?

1 October 2008
I have a 2002 6MT and wanted to use this coil kit. Oemacuraparts says it won't fit. The coil packs have the same part numbers for both 1995 and 2002; the difference seems to be the plugs - PFR6L-11 for the 2002 and PFR6N-11 for the 1995 (and presumably whats in the kit) Heat Range?

Acura of Lynnwood's eBay listing says it fits 1995-2005.

Simple question: will the kit work on the 2002 or do I need to change the plugs?
Forget the plugs, the kit will work;). I have gotten this kit and it has come with 1991 spark plugs, no biggie, sell them;).

The bigger question is can you really get it?