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Group Buy 1) Group Buy Prepreg Rear Strut Bar, 2) New project WIP

Sorry Mod. Could not find the Cottage Vendor link to pay. Plz advise.

Due to your request, we had enough material to make 7 more engine braces without increasing the price which fits the targa or the coupe. Get it before its gone.

$550 shipped to US 48. Ti bolts included. Wt. 0.5 lbs. OEM coupe brace is 1lb. and OEM targa brace is 15lbs. This is a 100% prepreg carbon, not a wet layup which means it is a real upgrade from metal brace.


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unfortunately we did not receive any deposit for the targa brace even though we made a 3D model for fitment check. FYI, the coupe carbon brace will fit the targa and loose 15 lbs. of top end weight. and we are ready to ship until 9/4/22 when we'll be on vacation til 9/12/22.
I can personally vouch for the quality of the new strut bar! It looks absolutely amazing and is fabricated to very exact specs. I can't wait to install it on my car when it get it back from Ramon! I'll try to load some pics this weekend. The dished titanium fasteners are the icing on top as well! Thanks Tim!