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10 black nsx's?????

11 October 2001
Clearwater, Fl
i had heard that acura was going to do a television commercial at Desoto, Fl with 10 black nsx's and they were getting paid $300- each plus the night at the hotel but haven't heard anything since i was later confirmed about this commercial when Dr. Chin from Chin motorsports called me asking if i still had my black one for the commercial

anybody know if acura even got the commercial done?
Originally posted by smoore:
hell yeah...................

Hell no!

Can you imagine the NSX-haters that would see that commercial?

"Hahah, NSX drivers HAVE to use Viagra to get some."

Just like when I see the NASCAR Viagra car... I say "only NASCAR fans need Viagra."

No offense to NASCAR fans.
Now that I think about it... if this were to ever come up again... I propose NSX owners only agree to this commericial... IF... there is a line that says

"Unless you drive an Acura NSX, you might need this... VIAGRA!... to get you going!"

What do you guys think?

Originally posted by HomeDepotNSX:
My understanding was that it was a Viagra commercial...

Here's the story...

We were to be featured in a Viagra commercial that is similar to the Mark Martin's NASCAR commercial (Who'd you expect...Bob Dole?) that is on now.

They wanted 7-10 identical NSXs starting a "race" and ONE would lag behind and stop because of a dead engine (obviously they don't know NSXs very well).

The driver would get out and a hot chick would "get his engine running again" ....VIAGRA

Could have been FUN.