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$10/ea Warriors group appreciation night - 4/20, 7:30pm Jazz VS Warriors

3 April 2004
East Bay
The Warriors are BACK!! i was @ the Phoenix game last friday, and when i came out of the game, i could hardly speak after 2 hours of screaming and cheering! it was AWESOME!!!! :eek: :biggrin:

My friend is offering ANY upper level seats for just $10 each!

Jazz...........Upper level tickets @ $10 (Reg. $22)
Jazz...........Lower level tickets @ $35 (Reg. $55)

Anyone who's interested in attending this game, please PM or email me, my email is [email protected] .

It's a first come first serve base, and earlier orders can get better seats. The deadline for purchase is 4/19 12pm, I will update this list for those who are interested in attending.
pm sent