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16,17 inch OEM wheels for sale w tires, all refinished, plenty of tread left.

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19 July 2004
Houston Texas
16,17 inch OEM wheels for sale w tires, all refinished, plenty of tread left.

These were originally from a 2001 Nsx that I bought here on the boards to use while I searched for another set of 02+ wheels.

All of the wheels are perfectly straight, but due to some minor scratches I had all of the wheels refinished. This costs $100 per wheel to have done. They are all nice and glossy with no scratches.

Also, the inner portion of the drivers side front tire was worn, so I replaced it with a brand new OEM Bridgestone tire. So, all of the tires have plenty of tread left, and are all balanced perfectly on the just refinished wheels.

I would have posted pictures, however we just lost power at my office due to some storms and I had no light to take pictures with. Ill take pictures tomorrow though and will post them here.

Fyi, I bought these wheels on Nsxprime for $1400 a few months ago, and have put in another $500+ to have them all refinished, mounted, balanced and in good shape. Im not looking to get all of my money back, just wanting to sell them and use the cash ive sunk into these for other modifications.

Ill sell these for $1350 plus $90 for shipping anywhere in the continental USA. I will accept paypal and cashiers check/money orders, and will ship out within 3 days of receiving payment. They will be SAFELY wrapped and shipped via Fedex insured, and tracking numbers will be emailed to you after shipping them.

Please pm me if you have any questions or would like to purchase these. Ill be posting pictures tomorrow.

Ok, as promised, here are the pictures !

Click here for high resolution pictures

For now the pictures are somewhat large and I didnt want to post them on Nsxprime as they woudl be too big, ill work on resizing them, but for now, here are the pictures as promised !
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