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17/18 Volk SF Challenge Help?

2 May 2008
Arkansas, USA/Wiesbaden, DE
Hi Everyone,

I'm very new here, but I have been browsing these forums daily for the past three months in an attempt to absorb a knowledgeable amount of information about generally everything.

From what I've read, I see that a good setup for wheels would be staggered in nature, and would be 17/18 front/rear respectively in order to prevent any issues with TCS, loss of acceleration, etc. I was wondering if anyone here has used a 17/18 Volk SF Challenge setup on their vehicle, and if so, would I please be able to see how this might look?

Here is a picture I found of what the wheel looks like:

I was wondering what dimensions might be good for a staggered setup such as this especially if I intended to have the car lowered maybe 2-3 inches. I was also wondering if I might expect to encounter issues with rubbing with tires of these diameter (granted that the other dimensions of the wheel can help to determine whether or not this occurs) especially if I do in fact intend to lower my vehicle?

Thanks guys for all your help!
Here's mine 17/18 combo SF-challenge (put to the test)...


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Those look like Volk F-Zero Daytona's that are now discontinued. I could be wrong though..

Well, I don't have a close-up but it says "F Zero Challenge" along the rim. They are however a discontinued version.
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Here's mine 17/18 combo SF-challenge (put to the test)...
Thanks for those pictures! I know that they're not exactly the same, but they look pretty close to what I'm looking for. This is pretty much the same look I'm going for. Did you happen to have lowered your NSX and/or used aftermarket springs? any issues with rubbing or anything like that? Thanks!

I believe that wheel only come in 18 minimum. So you have to go with 18/19.
You may be right about the wheel size, I seemed to have overlooked the fact that this wheel may not even be available in 17" at all. Thanks for the heads up.

But since these are the wheels I really want, what dimensions might everyone recommend should I decide to purchase an 18/19 configuration? I am highly unfamiliar with the wheel sizes I will need, and do not want to make a potentially costly mistake in purchasing wheels that might not exactly be compatible.

I hope that this does not severely affect the car's performance.

Thanks everyone!