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17" Chrome OEM 7 spoke Wheel


7 September 2000
I had this wheel sent out years ago to be chromed, put a tire on and the customer flaked out.

Never used since new plating. IMG_0135.jpg
OEM 17" rear. $500.00 you pay shipping.
Get a quote for a wheel chrome plated and see what a value this is.
I sent it to California to get it plated. It's a beautiful job and those are not flaws but reflections of other objects in the room.
Selling stuff is not much fun for me so in another couple of days I'm going to close this sale and fade back into the ether. :smile:

With close to 300 looks and no offers I am ending this sale. I'm gonna hit it with a hammer and toss it in the metal bin. Thanks for looking. Sale over.
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