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18s all around?

15 December 2011
Sunny San Diego CA
Okay first question on my new 2001.
The wheels are SSR GT3 front 18x7.5 with 225/35s Rears 18x10.0 with 275.35s I am not sure of the back spacing yet still trying to figure it out.

I just picked up the car today it seems to drive fine and i have yet to notice rubbing. But after reading this forum I was not sure if this is a good set up or not? I had thought there would of been a staggerd setup.

Thanx in advance Spidy


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Any rubbing you get will most likely be due to the 225/35/18 tire. Offsets and wheel widths are key to getting a 225/35/18 to fit properly.
Put the recommended size of 215/35/18 on the front and rubbing will most likely disappear completely for most front wheel setups.

As for running 18/18s, it can be done and has been done successfully with no performance issues. The debate comes, however in terms of its look. I honestly think it looks funny and the rear looks better with a 19", but it's a personal preference thing.
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Here is my NSX with 18" volks front and back
When you say its look. The 19s would fill the fender even more in the back is that what you mean?

No, 19s would fill the fender almost the exact same (the overall diameter would be roughly the same). The difference will be in the tire sidewall height. 18/19s the tire sidewall remains roughly the same from front to back. In a 18/18 setup, the rear wheel ends up with a larger sidewall than the front.

Take for example the BBS LMs on OyATL's car

In 18/18



In 18/19


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I agree. If you want to avoid rubbing, get 215/35-18 in front.

I'd also recommend not going as wide as 275/35-18 in the rear. The handling on the NSX seems to deteriorate when you use "stagger" (difference between front and rear treadwidths) over 40 mm, and more so over 50 mm. Also, when used with the 215/35-18 on a 2001, the 255/35-18 is the closest match for the TCS; it shouldn't activate with 275/35-18, but you never know. Given that you've got 18x10 wheels in the rear, on which 255/35-18 can be mounted but will look rather stretched, if I had to use 18x7.5 and 18x10 wheels on a 2001 NSX, the sizes I would use are 215/35-18 and 265/35-18. Although I agree that 18's on both front and rear look unbalanced, so those wheels would not be my preference (also because tire availability is very limited in 215/35-18).
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