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18x10 285/30/18 - 25 offset?

11 November 2006
what do you guys think of this fitment for the rear (stock fender) ?
that is what I was thinking!
I think if you go with a 275 and a little negative camber you should be just fine. Keep in mind every tire brand is different when it comes to width dimentions(Ex: A Pirelli 275/30/19 will run a little wider than a Falken 275/30/19)this is one reason I went with the falken for a more stretched tire so I didnt have to drop to a 265. I have had no rubbing yet, but I will be taking it in to get aligned on Monday so I hope I dont run into any issues. What wheel are looking at? c30vtec is running a 18x10.5 with a 35 offset and is running a 15mm spacer in the rear. He is running some negative camber of course but he has no rubbing. http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?t=98418
I run 285/30/19 on a 19.5 rim and it's not stretched at all. I like it this way because it provides a little extra cushion incase I kiss a curb while parking. Going 10" wide is no problem either.

I have another set with 275/30/19 on a 10" rim and it fits just fine also. No stretch.