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Memorabilia 1991 Hard Cover Acura Book/Brochure

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26 May 2012
San Ramon, CA
Hi all-

Brand new to this forum and posting this item here. Moderators-please let me know if this post is out of line.

Came across this item cleaning out the house.

I got this brand new way back in 1991 when these first came out. It's in overall very good condition. There are a few minor scratches/nicks on the cover. The inside is in excellent condition. I've pretty much kept it in a drawer since I first got it, only occasionally pulling it out.

I've done a little searching, it looks like these go for about $100 (?), so I'll put this one up for $100.

Again, please let me know if this is out of line. (Post or price-wise).

Please see pics and e-mail me if you have any questions at [email protected] and I'll try my best to answer.

I'll include US Postal Service shipping too. (US only). If you want Fed Ex or UPS, that will be additional.

Thanks for looking.



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