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1991 NSX coupe Silver/Black 5-Speed 66171 mi JH4NA1150MT002708

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6 January 2015
Car Information
NSX coupe
Exterior color:
Interior color:
66171 mi

Car History
Title History:
Current title is clean. No known branded title history.

Seller Information
Menlo Park CA - Silicon Valley, Bay Area
Personal message on NSXprime


Maintenance Information
Maintenance is current, and the car is in terrific shape. This car IS in snap ring range, but note that it has already had its transmission replaced by an Acura dealer in 2012 - thereby taking care of any original snap ring problem.

I had a total of $7,500+ of work done (by an Acura dealer and by Shad Huntley’s shop Driving Ambition, the NSX experts) when I got the car in January 2015 to bring everything up to my spec. The car will need an oil change in the next 1000 miles or so, but that’s all it needs that I know of.

Below are the car’s maintenance highlights. (The hardcopy service paperwork was evidently lost by one of the dealers during this car’s 25 year ownership history, but the car’s service history is reflected in its Carfax, old NSXPrime sale listings, my conversations with previous owners after I tracked them down, and records I was able to obtain direct from Acura dealers.)

1991-2004 (0-18K miles)
One owner (Northern California: Los Gatos CA).
No maintenance records survive from this time. Acura Los Gatos may retain records from 1991-2004, I never got around to checking with them.
We know the car drove less than 1,500 miles per year for the first 14 years of its life, and car was described as “mint” by second owner.

2004 (18K miles)
60K service (timing belt, water pump) completed at Los Gatos Acura in San Jose CA

May 2005 (25K miles)
Windows professionally tinted by Custom Sun Control in Atlanta, using Formula One film. (This seems to be long gone by now -- windows have no noticeable tint)

Oct 2007 (35K miles)
Replaced clutch master and slave cylinders
Flushed/filled clutch hydraulic system
Flushed/filled transmission fluid
Installed Goodridge steel braided brake lines
Installed NGK Iridium IX spark plugs
Installed K&N air filter in stock airbox

Aug 2008 (39K miles)
Replaced both engine hatch struts
Replaced both trunk lid struts

Apr 2009 (42K miles)
AC compressor replaced (including new AC clutch, stator and receiver)
Complete FREON replacement
($1375 service)

Mar 2012 (52K miles) at Acura of Columbus
Transmission replaced (snap ring failure) by Acura of Columbus GA, at cost of $5,000. Replacement transmission had 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty from this Acura dealer.

Apr 2013 (58K miles) at Auburn Imports, CA
Science of Speed Sport 275 Clutch & Flywheel Kit at Auburn Imports

Dec 2014 - Jan 2015 (61K miles) at Niello Acura
Replace A/C PCB climate control computer (over $1,000 part)
Replace timing belt, alternator belt, water pump, drive belts
Valve adjustment & spark plugs
Oil, filter, fluids
Replace trunk hatch struts
Brake fluid flush
Replace coolant bottle
($3,853 service.)

Jan 2015 (61K miles) at Driving Ambition (Shad Huntley’s NSX shop)
Basically a lot of old seals were worn. Went all in and Shad replaced all of them, including axle boots.
Replace rear cam seals, VTEC seals, pressure switch seals, valve cover seals, oil sending unit O-rings, and oil pan gasket
Remove and rebuild axles, reassemble using high-temperature grease and boots
Replace worn front engine mount
Bleed ABS and replace brake fluid with Motul 600 RBF
Transmission fluid flush
Replace front under-chin spoiler
Tail light seals and replace center taillight
($3,413 service.)


Sebring Silver 1991, 5 speed manual. 66K miles.

This NSX is completely stock with the exception of stainless steel brake lines, TSW wheels, a Science of Speed replacement clutch, and an aftermarket center console and stereo.

Neither the engine, suspension, nor body/chassis have ever been modified in any way. It has always been adult driven and carefully cared for. It has a clean title and a clean Carfax, has never been in an accident, and has never had any paint or body work done (aside from a front bumper respray by previous owner). This is a Northern California car: It was originally sold at Acura of Los Gatos, and lived its first 14 years here; then moved out to Atlanta for a few years, then back to Northern California, where I bought it and have since driven it. I have never tracked it, and I have found no evidence that any prior owner did, either.

This car is in excellent condition and great mechanical shape. Drives just like they should. Title in hand. No surprises. See below for comprehensive history.

I am an attorney in Silicon Valley; I insure this car with Hagerty Classics at a fixed value of just under $50K, and have driven it less than 2,000 miles this year.

Car drives beautifully. Tight, and quick. The paint is in mint condition, with only the usual minor blemishes associated with daily driving. The body is also in mint condition, with no dings or dents. The interior has been well cared for and is in excellent condition. The seat leather is in excellent shape. There is some minor wear on the driver's seat bolster, typical for these, but less than what you often see in an early NSX. There is a black HalGuard H3R HG250B fire extinguisher professionally mounted to a bracket under the driver’s seat, the best extinguisher you can buy. It bolts off if you would like to remove it and return this to stock.

I will be happy to take the car to be inspected at any Acura dealership or NSX shop in the Silicon Valley / Bay area, at your expense of course.

Some issues and thoughts noted below.

The VIN is in snap ring range, and the snap ring apparently did become a problem during a previous owner's tenure-- because the transmission was replaced by Acura of Columbus GA in March 2012 (at 53,000 miles), with a three-year warranty. I have a copy of the paperwork from Acura of Columbus documenting this replacement by the dealer. You'll notice it on your PPI since they replaced it with a grey-painted transmission.

This car has been active on NSXprime for much of its life. So although paper records do not survive, nearly its complete history is known. I’ve used people’s initials here for privacy, but I have the names of all prior owners (except the first one). I’ve included much of this information above, as well, under “maintenance.”

OWNER 1: (1991-2004) (from new to 19K) (CA):
Fourteen years with one owner
Los Gatos, CA

OWNER 2: (B.S., 2004-2009) (from 19K-46K) (CA to GA):
Car moved to Atlanta, GA area during this time.
I’ve included the maintenance highlights above (see Maintenance). There’s lots of other 2009-era information in second owner’s sale ad on NSXprime: http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showt...002708-Atlanta-GA?highlight=JH4NA1150MT002708

OWNER 3: (K.W., 2009-2011) (from 46K-47K) (GA):
Bought at 46,000 miles in Duluth GA.
Car was bone stock at this time, save for the stainless steel brake lines.
Summary: Acura Carland did some work to it, gaskets on lower part of engine, and clutch, when he traded it in. As he recalls there was nothing major done to the car in the car's stack of paperwork, just regular maintenance. Did not race it in any manner, just regular driving.
Sold at: Acura Carland, 3403 Satellite Blvd, Duluth, GA 30096, 47,145 mi.

OWNER 4 (A.H., 2011-2015) (from 47K-60K) (GA back to CA):
Bought at: Acura Carland, 3403 Satellite Blvd, Duluth, GA 30096, 47,145 mi.
Transmission rebuild (snap ring) at Acura of Columbus (Georgia), April 2012 ($5000), with a warranty for 3 years / 36,000 miles.
TSW Wheels (18” front / 19” rear) in gunmetal.
Science of Speed 275 clutch at Auburn Imports, 138 Borland Avenue Auburn, CA, 95603.
Front bumper molding resprayed due to normal chips and nicks.
Aftermarket center console with Kenwood Excelon head unit and speakers, with Bluetooth.
Sold at: Acura Niello, 150 Automall Drive, Roseville, CA 95661

OWNER 5 (Me, 2015-2016) (from 60K-66K) (CA):
This is me.
I bought this car in Northern California from Acura Niello in January 2015 at 60,265 miles, and the car has spent its time with me in Silicon Valley. It’s always garaged.
$3.5k maintenance work done at Acura Niello (conditional on sale). See “maintenance” above.
$3.8k additional maintenance done at Driving Ambition, Shad Huntley’s famous NSX shop near Sacramento. (Worth the drive.) Again, see “maintenance” above.
Car has passed smog and CA registration has been renewed, as of October 2016.

Front bumper molding has been resprayed. Owner #4 . This was noted on my PPI at Shad’s shop. Respray due to normal chips and nicks.
TSW Wheels (18” front / 19” rear) in gunmetal. Owner #4 . These look nice so I kept them. Original stock wheels also on hand. (They’re stored at Shad Huntley’s Driving Ambition shop.)
Aftermarket center console with Kenwood Excelon head unit and speakers, with Bluetooth. Owner #4 . Again, I like the bluetooth so I did not source parts to return this to stock.
Science of Speed Sport 275 Clutch & Flywheel Kit. Owner 4, at Auburn Imports at about 58,500 miles.
Concealed wiring for Valentine V1 detector (detector itself is not included, but yours will plug right in). I tried the mirror mounts, but prefer the suction cups behind the mirror, with hidden wiring. That’s the configuration it’s in.

Small crack in center of dashboard plastic at windscreen, just above alarm / IR ball. Common on these cars, I’ve seen the same crack on several.
Rubber seal at top of windscreen has shrunk a bit at one end and is misaligned. No leaking or noise, but visible if you look for it.
Some of the vanes on one of the air vents in driver's door armrest are loose and can move around if you press them.
No mechanical issues that I know of. Car just passed smog (took a few tries, as these often do — they need to run hot to pass).

This beautiful Sebring Silver 1991 5-speed is located in Menlo Park, California.




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