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1991 Red NA1 jh4na1156mt000137

Thanks for the links! Is anyone near Cranberry PA (outside Pittsburgh it seems) would be willing to go for a test drive and initial inspection?! :biggrin:
Your Welcome,

It would probably work better if you posted a new thread in the MidWest Forum. Also an introduction is always nice. We like to hear how you have come to want to purchase an NSX.
Well, I guess I'll introduce myself.

I'm a 26 year old GSK scientist living in Philly. I went to Penn State for school(c'mon, everyone did!) and decided to move to Philly for the cheesesteaks lol.

Anyways, I've always been infatuated with the NSX ever since I first saw it in person in red when I was around 12 back in 94. Pretty much ever since then I've just wanted one. Right now I drive around a 2005 Volvo S40, and I figured I've got a little cash now, might as well get my dream weekend car on the cheap, and then upgrade to a 99-01 NSX when I get my money right! I've been trolling on the forums now for a bit, and it definitely seems to be a very friendly and courteous forum. So hello everyone!:smile:
while searching for the vin on prime... there is this thread...

119970 miles on a 1991 NSX JH4NA1156MT000137


Is that a good purchase for asking price of 22999?

Does anyone have a carfax that could help me out?

VIN JH4NA1156MT000137

Welcome! This subject has been pretty well documented.

Take a gander at this...Use the Search function at the top right corner of the page.

With this being said,

Hey guys, just wondering how much one should pay for this NSX? What should I check for when buying an NSX other than the used car basics? Thanks!:smile:

$1.00 above the highest bidder. Car looks like its been well taken care of. Missing the spare tire from the eBay photos. You may want to ask a local member (Northeast region) to do a visual inspection also. Good luck.