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1991 Wont rev past 5200

7 July 2022
As the title states vehicle wont rev past 5200 in any gear. Fuel cut occurs and vehicle completely quits accelerating. Recent work goes as follows: timing belt, fuel filter, spark plugs, air filter, oil change, brake flush, removal of ancient radar system and trunk cd changer. The vehicle has 15k miles. I do not know if it did it before hand or not as I nor the owner of the car have not driven it and it was flat bed towed to me. No codes. I have checked compression to verify timing and all 6 cylinders are 185-190. I have checked oil pressure at idle, 3k, 4k and 5200 and all are within spec. fuel pressure is good as well. this isnt my first t belt and i do them in the car. Car idles like a dream and pulls hard all the way to 5200. car was stored with an empty tank and fresh premium fuel is in it now. only other thing i notice is when vehicle is started cold the idle is abnormally high and takes a long long time to idle down and only gets to about 1k which is still high according to the manual. the vehicle doesnt sound like its running at 1k though it sounds lower from my experience.

Looking for any other suggestions or ideas