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1992 3.2L NSX coupe Custom/Black 5-Speed 47,450 mi JH4NA1159NT000442

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15 November 2001
High in the Rockies
Car Information
NSX coupe
Exterior color:
Interior color:
47,450 mi

Car Information
NSX coupe
Exterior color:
Interior color:
47,450 mi
$60,000 (firm)

Car History
Title History:
Current title is clean. No known branded title history.
Yes (clean CarFax)

Seller Information
Boulder, CO
PM, Prime email

Maintenance Information
Regular, current. All maintenance records.

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I've always said this car is the perfect street/track hybrid NSX. If you are looking for a nearly perfect stock early NSX garage queen, this is not your car. However, if you're looking for a car that is set up to humiliate all your friends at the race track yet is a completely unique NSX that's still very clean and beautiful, comfortable, relatively compliant and fully street-able, then you've likely found it!

This is no ordinary NSX...You hear it as soon as the engine fires and you feel it as soon as it starts rolling. I bought this car new in May of 1992 and have thoroughly babied it for 23 years (e.g., always garaged, it's never once been driven during cold weather months, roughly November-April) - but let's be clear: these cars were meant to be driven just like Porsches and Ferraris - and this one has. Having said that, it still only has 47450 miles on the chassis and only about 10000 miles on its 3.2 liter engine. That's right, this is a '92 with a 3.2 NA Comptech-refreshed engine which I finally dropped in in 2007 after spending lots of money over several years dabbling in forced induction. Since then, it's been completely reliable and an absolute beast on the race track. To be clear, this car has never been raced competitively - only run in Lapping Day events and DEs - and never been over-revved or crashed on the track. So why am I selling it? Because I just don't get it out very much anymore; I only drove it around town 4-5 days this summer (I never take it out if it looks like it's going to rain!) and had it on the track twice, including NSXpo. The truth is, I would like to see it go to someone as passionate about high performance driving as I am, but regardless, it will be very difficult to part ways with it, and if it doesn't happen, I'll be just as happy to keep it.


It has one incident in its history, summer of 1992: spun rear end into barbed wire fence on side of road. The only structural damage was a slightly bent tie rod and steering rack which was unusual since there was no lateral impact to the front end (only from edge of pavement underneath). Contact with barbed wire caused the engine hatch glass to break along with some cosmetic body damage. Complete repair. No frame or suspension damage (all points were laser measured on frame rack), the tie rod and steering rack were replaced and the car has driven perfectly since.

As I indicated, this car is really set up well for the track, particularly in its suspension and airflow breathability. It is extremely tight and responsive. I haven't found any NA NSXs that will beat it and there are many FI NSXs that cannot keep up with it (especially through the turns). Feel free to verify this claim with NSXpo 2015 track event attendees, including TitaniumDave Levy who drove it one session (or Peter Cunningham, who also drove it - if you can get in touch with him!). If you live near Denver (or are willing to come out) and you can convince me that you are a very serious buyer, you are welcome to try it out for yourself at High Plains Raceway, where it has run a fast lap of 1:59. For those wishing to upgrade to FI, this car would be an ideal candidate for either a bolt-on system or a complete build, as the heads and intake manifold have already been ported and polished.

There is one known deficiency: the TCS fails under extreme g-loading at the race track if it's not turned off first. I am told that the TCS relay is the cause, but because it functions properly under normal slippery driving conditions (i.e., short of race slick level g-loading) and because I always turn it off at the track, I haven't bothered to replace it.


As for its "street cred", as I said it's been babied - just ask my ex-wife :). Always regularly maintained by Chris Wayland (arguably the best factory NSX technician in the country), I have all maintenance records since delivery. All controls function properly. It was completely re-painted in Dec. '09 in a beautiful "Midnight Pearl" black. This color appears completely black until in direct sunlight, whereupon it shows a very subtle, mostly blue (but with a hint of purple) metallic accent - hence the "midnight".

Details and modifications follow. Note that all items listed under 1-8 below are included in the price of the car (this includes all OEM parts in my garage), while the specific parts listed in 9. Aftermarket/Track Parts (AEM, turbocharger, etc.) would be negotiated extra. I would prefer to sell both the car and the open trailer that I had built for it and used to haul it to 7 or 8 NSXpos as a package, but will consider selling them separately as well. Trailer offered separately at $6500; Package price for trailer (when purchased with car): $5,500.

Please PM me with your contact info for more information.
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Details/ Modifications

1. General
a. 1992 3.2 liter 5-speed MT Coupe, black/black, 47,450 chassis miles, ~10,000 engine miles
b. Consumables (amount remaining)
i. Street Tires: 88% (F:7/32, R:8/32)
ii. Street pads: 100%
iii. Race slicks: 50% (9 heat cycles)
iv. Race pads: 100%
v. Front rotors: 100%
vi. Rear rotors: 66%
vii. Belts: good condition, changed in 2007
viii. Hoses: good condition
ix. Suspension: all new ball joints, Eibach springs and KW dampers in 2012
x. Transmission refreshed in 2011
xi. Fluids: Motul 8100 oil, Motul RBF600 brake fluid, regularly flushed
2. Engine
a. 3.2L short block (Oct. 2007 w/ ~7500 miles on it freshened by Comptech); 282 RWHP (320 crank HP, Dynojet, 5500 ft. altitude)
b. Ported and polished heads
c. Ported and polished intake maniford
d. Comptech headers (DC Sports)
e. Comptech air intake
f. Valve cover breathers with integrated catch can
g. Aerotech fuel pressure regulator with engine compartment gauge
h. Modified crank pulley with harmonic balancer for SC
i. Taitec GT Lightweight exhaust
j. Anytime exhaust test pipes (cats available)
k. Timing Belt 6/2007
l. Accusump with Driving Ambition oil cooler
m. Driving Ambition dual pass radiator with Spal fan
n. Dali radiator stone shield
o. Odyssey lightweight battery
3. Transmission
a. JDM short gears (refreshed Sept., 2011)
b. NSX-R 4.23 ring and pinion
c. NSX-R spec limited slip differential clutch discs
d. Comptech Powergrip II clutch with modified OEM damper eliminator
e. In snap ring range, but case replaced in '98 - never had any problem whatsoever
4. Suspension
a. KW Variant 3 dampers with adjustable ride height
b. Eibach 600/450 linear rate springs
c. Comptech non-compliance toe links
d. Comptech non-compliance rear beam bushings
e. Driving Ambition camber offsets
f. Comptech strut tower brace
g. Dali 1" track sway bars
h. Cedar Ridge front compliance pivot clamps
i. All ball joints replaced in 2012
j. Front motor mount replaced with hard mount
5. Wheels and Brakes
a. HRE 526 5-spoke 3 piece street wheels with custom offsets (17x8/18x9.5)
i. Dunlop Direzza Z1 "Star Spec" street tires: 215-40-17, 275-35-18
b. Kinesis K57 and K58 3-piece aluminum track wheels with custom offsets (17x8/18x10)​
i. Yokohama A005 race slicks 230-610-17, 280-650-18​
c. Spare tire that fits over Brembo calipers
d. Brembo Indy Gold 4-piston racing calipers F&R (to be rebuilt winter 2015-2016)
e. Brembo race rotors (new front to be installed winter 2015-2016, new rear Dec. 2013)
f. Carbotech 1521 street pads (new to be installed winter 2015-2016)
g. Carbotech XP8(F)/XP10(R) track pads (new Nov. 2015, never used)
h. Parking brakes currently removed but available
i. Stainless steel brake lines
j. Custom brake ducts (F & R)
k. Tilton proportioning valves (rear only)
6. Body
a. Shine Spec-GT chin spoiler​
b. Downforce vented hood
c. Downforce TCRC side skirts
d. Downforce rear valence
e. Driving Ambition carbon fiber front splitter/undertray
f. APR GTC-300 carbon fiber wing
g. Custom paint - "midnight pearl"
h. 3M clear bra up to hood vent and on mirrors
i. Tinted windows
7. Interior
a. Sparco Ring suede steering wheel w/center horn & custom cruise control buttons
b. Honda JDM Navigation pod with boost gauge & Defi digital gauge display for:
i. Oil pressure
ii. Fuel pressure
iii. Water temp
iv. Speed
v. Additional inputs available for oil temp and EGT (EGT sensor available)
c. Comptech harness bar
d. Simpson 6-point seat belts
e. Polished gear shift knob
f. Smartenna
g. Fire extinguisher (passenger seat floor mount)
h. All speaker amps repaired by Brian Kienau
i. Window fixit thingies
8. Major OEM Parts Included
a. Hood, side skirts & rear valence in Berlina Black
b. Springs and dampers
c. Sway bars
d. Catalytic converters
e. Spare tire
f. Steering wheel
g. Clock pod
h. Shift knob
9. Aftermarket/Track Parts (not included, but negotiable)
a. AEM programmable ECU
b. PTE SC6152 Turbocharger (.68 A/R T4 housing, 4" inlet)
c. Eibach Pro-Kit progressive rate springs and Koni yellow dampers
d. RM sway bars with collars
10. Aluminum Trailer Co. Open Car Hauler
a. Custom-made 82" wide 1500 lb. dual 3500lb. axle aluminum trailer for hauling NSX with non-diesel V8-powered tow vehicle.
b. E-track for non-suspension loading custom tire tie-down straps.
c. Permanent forward wheel "stopper" chocks
d. Extended ramps for lowered front end clearance with locking racks
e. Attached rear jack stands
f. Removable fenders for easy entrance and egress from NSX
g. Custom 30"x52" weatherproof locking tire rack (6 tire capacity plus trailer spare) and tool enclosure which is full width of deck and protects car while moving.
h. Deck shortened to 17'9" to facilitate forward storage in garage and allow NSX to be driven onto and off of it as needed.

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