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1992 Acura NSX Type-R Tribute JH4NA1153NT001280 | Grand Prix White | Single Turbo 560 RWHP Honda

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18 October 2022
Technical specifications of Acura NSX 1992
Price:US $85,000
Item location:California, United States
Model:NSX-R Tribute
Color:Grand Prix White
Number of cylinders:6
Interior color:Red
Vehicle Title:Clear
Car description
Many interior/exterior and mechanical aspects have been thoughtfully refreshed. The goal was to have a dependable driver with no performance compromises. The car is scary fast under boost but maintains OEM drivability. The pictures attempt to capture the subtle details which are hidden from the otherwise OEM-looking exterior. This is a professionally-tuned super car with enough power and agility to embarrass many modern platforms. The build began with an original and rare Grand Prix White ‘92 NSX that was transformed to a 02+ NSX-R turbo tribute. The car has the top-shelf Lovefab LF1200 turbo kit, conservatively tuned to 562 RWHP on E85, and 500 RWHP on 91 Octane. Boost is modulated % by gear to extend longevity of the drivetrain.
Notably, the car is autographed by project leader of the NSX, Shigeru Uehara.

- OEM 02+ headlights - the headlight interiors have been painted GPW.
- OEM 02+ taillights, new gaskets, etc. (brand new from Japan)
- OEM 02+ front and rear bumper assemblies
- JDM NSX-R window badges
- JDM NSX-R Honda emblems front and rear
- NSX-R FRP rear wing w/working light
- Downforce full carbon NSX-R hood w/functional air-duct*
- Downforce 02+ side skirts
- Downforce CF underbody panels
- Downforce 02+ NSX-R CF diffuser
- Carbon fiber rear window garnish
- STMPO aluminum rear bumper beam
- New door and trunk rubbers
- New wheel well inserts
- New OEM windshield
- SOS JGTC style duct scoop plexi-glass
- APR performance GTC-500 high wing spoiler
- Volk ZE40 Time Attack Edition

Engine Bay
-Engine bay painted black to fully replicate the 02+ Type R look
-NSX-R valve covers
-NSX-R head gasket covers
-Cantrell Concepts CF NSX-R style engine cover
-Carbon fiber details everywhere
- AEM Infinity tuned by Beau Brown (AEM in-house engineer/tuner)
- Gauge Art module for boost/etc.
- SOS Infinity harness + bolstered by Kaizen Motorsports
- Honda JDM navigation pod with Alpine Display/GPS
- Alpine Bluetooth head unit and amp
- iPhone Aux connection hardwired
- Hertz speakers, upgraded subwoofer and enclosure
- JDM NSX-R Momo steering wheel/hub
- JDM NSX-R A-Pillars
- JDM NSX-R shifter plate and titanium shifter ball
- SOS door handles + carpet cover plates
- Upgraded factory seats with high quality red fabric (special breathable material)
- Alcantara door inserts
- Downforce carbon console and sill covers
- Cedar Ridge 5-point harness bar, freshly powder-coated gunmetal

Engine Build - configured for reliable street performance
- Work performed by Momin @ Elite Motorsports & updated by Kaizen Motorsports
- Benson sleeved and line bored
- CP 9:1 Pistons w/ chrome molly rings
- Pauter Titanium Rods
- Billet Oil gears
- ARP head and rod and bolts
- VVIS delete kit
- Venair silicon hose kit
- ATI damper, gates racing belts
- SOS oil pressure adapter kit
- SOS camshaft buttons
- STMPO Crankcase breather kit
- New knock sensors, VTEC solenoids, most all sensors and gaskets replaced
- New spark plugs
- New ignition coils

Turbo Setup
- Lovefab LF1200 turbo kit
- Lovefab long tube headers
- Brand-new Comp CT4S Billet 67/67 with .96 A/R (New)
- Tial BOV
- Wisecraft Fabrication exhaust
- Water to Air intercooler

Fuel System
- E85 conversion with flex-fuel sensors and bolstered SOS e85 kit
- Kaizen Motorsports fuel system with XRP race technology components
- Dual Walbro pumps, Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
- Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors.
- Lovefab upgraded*fuel*rails and line sizes, and big bore throttle

- KW V3 coilover suspension
- Racing Brake vented rotors all around
- Racing brake calipers up front
- Upgraded OEM 02+ ABS version
- New brake lines, SS brake lines to calipers
- OEM 02+ Wheels with Falken Azenis rt615k
- JDM Honda NSX-R Center Caps
- Cedar Ridge non-compliance front clamps and rear beam bushing kit w/camber, adj
- Cedar Ridge Non-compliance toe-links
- Dali sway bars with adjustable Cedar Ridge bar links.
-New bearings and updated ball joints
-Carbing NSX strut bar

- Refreshed 5-speed (seals, synchros, etc.)
- SOS twin carbon clutch
- New OEM driveshafts
- New OEM mid-shaft bearings
- JDM gear set
- C-Tek battery tender
- Titanium Key

While the car has ~134k miles on the chassis, water pump, timing belt, all the little hoses, plus the high end silicon hoses for the main six, LMA’s tension adjust for the timing belt, knock sensors, oil pressure remote from SOS, etc. I had the TB/WP recently inspected and they are believed to be in good shape. The car just received a fresh synthetic oil change and has a brand new battery. As noted above, the exterior shows in like new condition.

The custom fabricated exhaust is epic. My old NSX had a Taitec GTLW and a CTSC– that car sounded downright wimpy by comparison. I know the word “exotic” is thrown around way too much these days – but if you want to hear what the NSX sounds like dialed to 11, then please by my guest. At low RPMS it gurgles with the NSX soundtrack ethos, until you get into boost and then it sounds like banshees on your way to hell.

The car is in a true immaculate “get in and drive” condition, had never see rain, always garage and one of the fastest NSX in the U.S.

Serious buyer can contact directly @ 559-978-0498


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