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1992 NSX, good deal? please comment

24 May 2000
Altoona, PA
Hello, I am ready to buy a 1992 black on Ivory NSX and I want to see if you guys think it is a good deal. The car is owned by a very wealthy 85 year old man who purchased the car new and never ever abused the car. The car has 15,000 miles and is perfect except the windsheild has a chip in it. Also the car is in the snap ring gear range. He is willing to sell the car for $38,500, should I buy? Please comment


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That's a subjective question, but here are some thoughts.

1) A beater to fair condition 91 or 92 NSX can be had for as little as $28K-$30K here in Texas. I bought a nice 91 for $30K two years ago. Don't know what they are worth in other markets.

2) Black/Ivory is a very rare color and, in my opinion, the prettiest (I owned one a few years ago).

3) The question you need to ask yourself is 'what premium am I willing to pay for low miles and a rare color?' In the end a 'fair' price is one that makes you happy with what you get.

4) For more context, you might pick up a Hemmings Motor News and check out the prices for similar year/milage cars. It is national and has a LOT of listings. It will also give you some leverage in negotiating with the seller if you decide the price is out of line, as you will be able to show him real evidence that other cars are selling for less. The Blue Book is also a referrence, but is always a little out of date for specialty cars.

5) If the car is truely perfect, you might try to negotiate a price closer to the average for that year. If he is wealthy, he will be trying to get a 'fair value' for the car as opposed to a specific amount he needs and may be persuaded by evidence that a fair market price is $5K or so lower than what he is asking. He may not really know what it is worth, as there are usually few for sale in all but the largest markets.

Good luck.
If it is perfect I would not hesitate. However, I would hammer him on the windshield and bargain down. Besides, at 85 years old
you might even buy it at his estate sale.

Good Luck


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