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1994 NSX Black/Black 15,719miles vin JH4NA115XRT000374

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15 November 2001
Chicago, IL, USA
1994 Acura NSX
vin JH4NA115XRT000374
Manual Transmission (1994 models did not have snap ring issues)
Black with Black interior
Current Miles: 15,719
Clean Title
Located in Chicago Suburbs, NEVER driven in winter, barely driven in good weather :biggrin: ALWAYS garaged.

Price: $40,000 ($38,000 with stock 1994 wheels, see description)

Contact Info:
[email protected]
cell: 630-881-3198

Options: Factory CD changer, factory NSX car phone, factory keyless entry, trunk mat, extra set of virgin floor mats.

Upgrades: Bilstein shocks (lower perch) w. stock springs, 2002 NSX factory BBS wheels (chrome powder coated, purchased from Science of Speed) on factory Potenza RE040 tires (about 1000 miles on these), H&R 15mm spacers (longer studs installed), K40 radar detector.

Maintenance: Stack of receipts for all major service including timing belt and water pump replacement, regular coolant flush and fills (Honda Blue), always Mobil 1 synthetic.

Notes about the 1994 NSX: The 1994 NSX had a few important upgrades compared to earlier NSXs. Driver and PASSENGER airbags. No need for "window fix-it thingies." Revised 5spd transmission with reprofiled gear mesh (quieter) and NO snap ring issues. 1994 NSX also came from the factory with the newer R134 refrigerant. The Air Conditioning and Climate control in this car work perfectly, and always have. None of the issues of the earlier cars here.

Owner: I am actively involved with the local NSX club, organizing events, etc. Everyone in the area knows this car and its pristine condition. If you can find a more anal NSX owner, let me know :smile: . References for this car's condition (local NSX PRIME members) available upon request.

Pricing: If you want to put your own wheels on, I can swap back to the stock 1994 wheels (which need tires) and I'll sell the 2002 rims separately. The 2002 rims are flawless, with practically new OEM rubber. Plus the wheels are BBS forged. The chrome powder coating has the look of chrome, without the worry of bubbling, cracking or weight penalty.

Personal Notes: It took me a year to find a NSX this nice. The previous owner is also here on PRIME on occasion. I am the third owner. There are some nice NSXs out there, but a car really has to have led a charmed life to be in this kind of condition. Original factory paint, as close to perfect as you can get - no panel of this car has EVER been repainted. Remarkably chip and scratch free. The interior is pristine - very little wear if any on the driver's side seat bolster. I only use Zymol products to detail it. You really have to see it in person - if you don't believe me, I'll put you in contact with some local NSXCA members who can verify the condition.

Took pictures 4/14/08. Here is a link to a Photobucket picture album:
http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh47/Corona_Powered/FRANK NSX FOR SALE/


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My NSX is gone. I believe it went to a good home. Thank you NSX PRIME for providing this excellent For Sale Forum. I found the car on this forum, and sold it here too. It's really the only place you need to shop.
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