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2 piece rotors on big brake kit, are these hats toast? Experience with racing brake r

23 May 2020
SF Bay Area
My nsx came with a brembo/Dali GT bbk installed by the previous owner. The bbk has 2 piece rotors which rattle a lot over bumps. I figured I could just buy some new brembo hardware with anti rattle springs (https://www.zeckhausen.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=6445), install and be on my way.

I took the wheels off to inspect the other day, and the hardware moves a ton.

It looks like the nuts have dug into the hats and spun on the hats such that new hardware with anti rattle springs would still be loose. Note that the nuts look countersunk and the flatspots aren’t located toward the center of the hub.

Looking for someone with experience with floating rotors to let me know if these hats are usable.

Some questions

Are these hats toast? Is this hat wear normal?

Anyone have experience with racing brake 2 piece rotors? Do they rattle (they have no springs)? After some time do they rattle? They sell direct replacement rotors with hats (https://racingbrake.com/standard-iron-brake/acura/2156)

What are some general 2 piece rotor maintenance things I should do on a regular basis to keep this from happening with new rotors? How often?