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Memorabilia 2 Silver/Black Coffee Table Books (w/ 93 Dual Side SRS Insert) and 1 Deluxe Coffee Table book with poster and bound bookshelf sleeve.

14 November 2003
At the epicenter of the Zombie Apocalypse
Here are the updated iconic NSX Coffee Table books. The version released when the NSX first went on sale was of course specific to the model year. When the NSX gained a passenger side airbag the book which Honda still plenty of needed to be updated, v.2.0 was born! This version is identical to v1.0 except for a high quality insert page with a black NSX pictured on one side and the details of the upgraded SRS on the other side. I am offering 2 of these for $125.00 each shipped to CONUS.
(Zelle or PP + 3% preferred)

01-CTB v.2.0.jpg03-CTB v.2.0.jpg04-CTB v.2.0.jpg

v2.5 contains the same Silver/Black book, the SRS update page AND (sill sealed in the factory cellophane wrap) a large poster of what I believe* is a red '95 NSX.
The book, the SRS update page and the sealed poster all slide into a protective hardcover bookshelf sleeve with "The Acura NSX" in black letters embossed onto a gold foil strip on the side of the sleeve with the Acura logo next to it. The spine of the hard case has "The Acura NSX" lettering in gold followed by the Acura logo in black.

*(I say "believe" because this one is the only one that I've had but I recall seeing one on eBay a decade or so ago where the seller had pics of the unsealed poster.)

I am offering v.2.5 for $155.00 shipped to CONUS.
(Zelle or PP + 3% preferred)

05-CTB v.2.0.jpg06-CTB v.2.0.jpg08-CTB v.2.0.jpg07-CTB v.2.0.jpg


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