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2002-2005 NSX Tail lights w/ Jgtc Led Mod $925 shipped

29 June 2011
Chicago, IL

these were made by EVO575GTC, with LED's in the brake lights, turn signals and reverse lamps

i believe the lights have a loose wire or needs to be resoldered, passenger side has approx 5 led's that are not lighting, but when you move around the wires they light up (picture attached) .. seems like it is an easy fix if you know how to solder .. it does blend in with the other bulbs

they are in mint condition off a 2002 NSX, tail lights alone sell for over $700, get them now with LED at a fraction of the price!

feel free to email if you have any questions












thanks for looking!

boxed and ready to ship!

im an active member on supraforums.com under the same ID as well as JDMchicago.com and ChicagoZ.com under the ID "gqstyles"
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bump!!! this is a great deal considering the tail lights alone go for $700-900 alone and the mod is $500-$700

$875 shipped!!! need to move it now since i sold my NSX!
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make an offer *within reason*!

this is a great deal considering the tail lights alone go for so much! take out the brake light leds if you don't know how to solder and keep the led turn signals and reverse lights $250 value right there!!

the brake light portion works fine, a few leds are out-- u can replace the leds and/or resolder to get them to work, its not that hard.. i dont have my nsx anymore otherwise id play around with it!
$800 shipped 48 us FIRMMM!!! this is a steal!!

the 02-05 tail lights alone cost more!!! this includes the LED turn signals and LED reverse lights, these go for $300 alone not counting the LED brake light mod

The LED's all work, just needs to be re-soldered, they flicker so slight adjustment will make it work-- or you can just remove the center led brake lights and use your OEM bulbs and leave the led turn signals and reverse
not sure why these are still for sale?? these tail lights cost 1600 new with the mod!!

$800 Shipped 48 states!! paypal accepted !