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2002 NSX-T Yellow/Yellow 6-Speed 57836 JH4NA216X2T000136

2 August 2004
McKinney TX
Car Information
Exterior color:
Interior color:

Car History
Title History:
Current title is clean. No known branded title history.

Seller Information
McKinney, TX
[email protected]

Maintenance Information
This NSX has a unique story to tell. Many people have regretted selling their NSX over the years, but few went down the road that I did where I ended up buying and selling the same NSX 3 times as it kept finding a way back to me. I purchased it in Florida trading in my white 1993 NSX, brought it home to Texas. Later traded it in on a 2009 M3. It then made its way up to Washington, where later I randomly found it for sale again as that owner moved on to a Gallardo and I brought it back to Texas. I later I sold it to another local NSX owner who later offered it for sale back to me after he purchased a 2017 NSX. After much deliberation I have decided to put the NSX up for sale again in part so that I can pursue a small vacation home. This car has had 6 registered owners, but I am personally 3 of them so it really is only 4. I have tried my best to document the history for the car since it first came into my possession 2005. I am sure there are little things that I have missed, but I have extensive documentation since it first came into my possession and from the other 2 owners in between.

I do not have any history from before that, other than what was on Carfax. During the first ownership time period the car was involved in an accident and the driver side door was replaced. After the accident the car was also put for sale as a CPO by Acura so I felt comfortable purchasing the car originally knowing that fact. I have a huge folder of all documentation and recently did several thousand dollars of extensive maintenance on the car including timing belt (it had been replaced before, replaced for time only), all coolant hoses replaced, new Bilstein shocks with OEM springs, new top hats, and EPS steering replaced with optional plus package. A lot of money was spent on this last round of maintenance. This car is tight and drives on a rail in my opinion. With all the maintenance done on the car there really isn’t much left to do other than enjoy it. All of the maintenance work during the various ownership was done primarily at the dealership, or with 2 local DFW shops that do a lot of work on NSXs. There are a few pits in the glass and touch up paint here and there as you’d expect on a 21 year old car that has been driven.

Includes with the photos is an extensive list of the history and maintenance on the car, along with a list of additional parts that are being sold with the car as well as a list of the stock parts that I no longer have. There is several thousand dollars of additional parts included including additional hard to source yellow interior parts including carpet, floor mats, etc. that I have never installed. I love the look of more black and yellow mix than so much yellow, but I know having the stock parts is important on these cars for the future owner so I went ahead and invested in procuring those items. Unfortunately, with the car coming in and out of my life over such a long period of time some of the stock parts such as the wheels, exhaust and stereo. Everything is listed on a spreadsheet in the photos.

The extensive documentation I have on this car shows it was well cared for. I feel I have priced the car fairly based on the extensive documentation and significant maintenance that was recently performed. I hope the new owner gets as much enjoyment as I have had and you never know one day it may come back home for a 4th time! I would say whoever buys it has to give me first dibs if they ever decide to part ways with it! I also have a Carfax on the car from 2011, 2020 and 2021 that can be provided to show some historical consistency.

Photos can be viewed here https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkgCRL6BtPYFhpY-FEDQ1Sf7dK0Fog?e=KPoRud

Carfax noted accident on driver side, I can confirm the door has been replaced. Car was CPO'd by Acura after the accident though.


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I was able to spend some time with the car and owner. This is a very clean and well taken care of car that needs absolutely nothing. The owner is a very cool guy and easy to deal with. The Type R hood is probably one of the best that I’ve seen. The exterior paint and interior are in excellent condition. Buy with confidence.

Only reason I didn’t buy it is because I had other similar spec’ed cars of different colors that I was evaluating. Yellow wasn’t my #1 preference, but since I was local I had to check it out. Someone is going to get a nice car.
Car has been sold and will be headed out to California for its new home. Glad it is going to an enthusiast.