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2002 Open Track Challenge Contender: TEAM NSX

6 February 2001
San Diego, CA, USA
Dali Racing is proud to announce TEAM NSX (Greg Hardee and Mark Allan of the SD Chapter of the NSXCA) as contenders in the inaugural 2002 OTC (Open Track Challenge) event. This is the "local" Western States version of the One lap Of America Event you have read about in Car & Driver magazine, and it looks like it will rock! With 60 other highly motivated competitors out there in the event (ie. lots of cheating scum) trying to steal their thunder - you can bet our boys are preparing with a vengeance!

We have set up a pretty cool interactive web page with information on The TEAM and It's Equipment:

And you know that real men are known by their "equipment"*!
*[full listing to be posted]

But you can check out the car here: http://www.daliracing.com/v666-5/info/OTC/2002/welcome/car_mods_main.cfm

Of course any NSX entered in a national track event is cool - but this one is **really** special. Practically a rolling laundry list of the full Dali Racing catalog, this "Silver Sliver" NSX also features a specially tweaked and intercooled BBSC kit and will be presided over for the duration of the event by Dr. Basch himself.

Competing in "Unlimited 2" they will be racing two other So Cal NSX fan favorites Doug Hayashi in his revived NSX AND Wayne Mello in his "freshly rebuilt" [again?] 944 Turbo! what fun!

Dali Racing will be providing daily updates, candid camera pix and short track action videos of the teams conquests!

If you are in the area of any of the tracks, you are welcome to drop by the TEAM NSX trailer and Dali Racing hospitality EZ-UP (It is redder than NSX red - you can't miss it) and have a soda and lend a hand (as you know - an NSX can never be too clean, and a clean NSX is a fast NSX) or just hang out and cheer us on in our battle against the forces of evil!

The first track in the event is at our "home" track, scenic Pahrump, NV <G> full schedule below:

Saturday, 5/11/02 Registration at Pahrump Nugget
Sunday, 5/12/02 Spring Mountain Motorsports Park (Bragg-Smith)
Monday,5/13/02 Willow Springs
Tuesday, 5/14/02 Streets of Willow Springs
Wednesday, 5/15/02 Buttonwillow #1 CW
Thursday, 5/16/02 Thunderhill
Friday, 5/17/02 Buttonwillow #14 CCW
Saturday,5/18/02 Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Inside Track)
Saturday,5/18/02 Evening - Awards Ceremony

TEAM NSX Sponsors:
Dali Racing
Basch Acura
Doghouse Racing

need more info? please private me @

[email protected]

Mark Johnson, CEO of Custodial Services @ Dali Racing, a Not For Profit Company.

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