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2003 NSX-T Blue/Blue 6-Speed 43k miles Jh4na21683t000119

11 February 2006
At first I was skeptical after reading all the negative reviews then I said to my self "how difficult can this sale be?" I have been messaging Brian back and forth for a couple of months, I have to say he didn't reply back as quick or 100% clear if he really wanted to sell. So I was very patient, messaged him and wait for his respond. At first he told me that it was available then the next day there is a pending deal, I was a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to come to an agreement first. A few weeks go by I messaged him to see if the deal went through and sure enough the deal went south with the other guy. So back to square one, we went back and forth couple of times on the price and we finally agreed on the sale. He asked me to call him,
so I did. I have offered him a small deposit to make sure the deal is solid, then he said the Airline ticket is good enough for him. The date we agreed on was a month and half away (I was a bit worried), I messaged him with my itinerary and told him that I will see you then; he messages back "OK". At this point what do I get to lose? a short trip to Atlanta. When I arrived, I have no idea where to go so I went back to the hotel. I messaged him on the way and sure enough he replied saying "We are good to go!" (I was very relieved) He invited me into his house and did all the paper work, I have to say he was very accommodating. Purchasing this NSX was a very different from my other 6 NSXs, Patient paid off and now I have my dream NSX color!! It took me 8 years to find this NSX color combo and it took him 8 years to sell. Hahaha
My conclusion is There is nothing wrong with the car and definitely nothing wrong with him! Thanks Brian! I will take good care of her!
Congrats! Post some photos when you get a chance, LBBP is beautiful!

I had a similar experience with the purchase of my S2000 CR last week. I was back and forth with the seller for about a year and I was finally ready and told the seller I would rent a U-Haul and pick the car up last weekend. The night before I was going to pick it up I texted him and said "see you the morning" and his response was "I'm not sure what your plans are, I have plans tomorrow" ??? LOL. I guess since we were off an on for a year the seller didn't think I was serious? After a few more messages he was able to change his plans and I picked up the car the next day.

The universe works in mysterious ways.