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2004/2005 NSX

Now THERE'S hard information!!! It might be in '04, or maybe '05. It might have a V8, or maybe a 12. Very useful.

Hey Edmunds, it might have one of those snazzy JATO engines, too... and it might have a version with a fuel efficient inline-4 making 90 hp. It might, you know.
Ok, there is no way Honda is sticking a 'small' V12 into the NSX with the increasing restrictions in smog pollution, etc. I just can't see them going from the V6 up to a V12...now, that i-vtec V8 I could see. Maybe I'm being blinded by 400-430 fuel efficient horses though
I say we all wait for an Official Honda news release before we even consider anymore speculation. All of these Artist's rendition stuff is killing me. But I have to be honest I am also intently waiting to what honda has up their sleaves. And I cannot believe it will not satisfy us all like they did in 1991 with the original NSX! Why even try and improve upon it if they did not think they could, ect...

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