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2008+ mercedes c63 amg

9 November 2007
456 hp
442 trq
7 speed paddle shift
3700 pounds
$53000 base :eek: :eek: :eek:
right over $60k fully optioned

faster than the m3, but the m3 is a little more nimble

id love to buy one of these, replace all the exterior parts with cf, strip the interior fully, cage it, etc etc badda bing badda BOOM!

also i believe its the same engine as the cls63/e63 that are rated at 507hp and like 475 trq, that would really rip

i cant wait to test drive one:cool:














way to go mercedes, youve made an incredible car at an even more incredible price
Too bad it looks like a TL. :wink:
Yep... this one's definitely one of the "sleeper" ones - similar to the original "Hammer" AMG one-offs of old.

AMG essentially follows the old US musclecar philosophy: no substitute for cubic inches. Shoehorn a honker motor into a daily driver chassis/body, and hang on for the ride.

This 6.3 mill (naturally-aspirated V8 - the first motor built in-house at AMG) has some promise - for some reason it "works better" in this platform than others.
Love the package,but for adults the rear room is cramped,that said it does promise a fun commute! BTW is it me or do those fender flairs not work as well in this model as they do in the larger cars.And from the side the front looks like a PT cruiser.:eek:
I was in bed last night watching TV and this commercial came on TV with a C-class smoking rubber and doing power slides...haha

Sweet car I have to admit but with gas prices in CA soaring over 4.00+ a gallon and reading that this car averages 10 mpg, NO ThANKs!

Lucky for me I can't afford one....haha

Funny! I was thinking the same thing as I was looking at the pictures, looks like a TL! Cool hood though, that thing hinges WAY up in the air!
Random thoughts.

That's surprisingly cheap for an AMG. I wonder if it's available as a coupe? I'm torn over the SLK style hood bumps. The looked better on the SLK. I don't like the grill at all.

I'd take one for a spin.
Very good car for the money. Extremely fast in a straight line but no LSD just yet (sport package) so it's out of control at the track. M3 FTW!

This is a great comparison test. Part 1

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Part 2

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This is just an axe murderer with headlights.........and I absolutely love it.

A friend of myn is about to buy one ,but i dont know when they will be available for sale. :wink:
Good for the money for sure.

Here in MN, I would take an RS4 over it, however.
Some good quotes in those videos.

"M3 drivers have no friends"

My favorite part was when he wanted to annoy hammond and dress up like an M3 driver.

A good friend of mine had an E46 for a while [his SL is for sale here] before selling it for a benz but he dresses like that except a little worse because he's persian.
TL?? I thought RL!
The Benz rear tires lasted FORTY miles!!!!
The Benz rear tires lasted FORTY miles!!!!

I burned up a set on the SL55 in 3k miles. From brand new to bald. NO joke. I tell you this if you have never driven a AMG benz you need to but be prepared to whip out your check book. The cars are great, they are addictive, they kick ass. Every time I drive one I am amazed.

They depreciate faster then anything else on the road.:frown: but:biggrin: if you buy them used.
sweet ride..haha i was gonna post up that top gear video as well. i wish i could afford one =/ hell i'd rock it, debadge the rear and put c350 haha!
normaly with any expensive mercedes(or any expensive car) you take a big depreaciation hit in the first couple of years, but with this car only having a base price of 54k, i dont think it will drop below 40k for a few years, and even less depreciation after that, this isnt a like a c36 weak ass "amg" the cars a beast and will please for years:cool:
sweet ride..haha i was gonna post up that top gear video as well. i wish i could afford one =/ hell i'd rock it, debadge the rear and put c350 haha!

+1 with this bodykit; minus the DTM wing:


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