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2017 NSX 130R/ Red Black Interior/Highly Modified/iLift/Austin TX/$142,000

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15 September 2018
Austin, TX
2017 Acura NSX #00565
130R White
VIN# 19UNC1B07HY000401
25,925 miles
Asking price: $142,000
Location: Austin TX

I have owned this car for the past 4 years and 10,000 miles and I have made many modification and feel it’s one of the best combinations of performance, dependability, and comfort for a supercar. MSRP was about $185k with the options listed below:

Options include:

- $1500 Semi-Aniline Leather and Alcantara Power Heated Sport Seats
- $10,600 Carbon Ceramic Brakes W/Red Calipers
- $2900 Carbon Fiber Interior Sport Package
- $3600 Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
- $1300 Black Alcantara Headliner
- $1600 Carbon Fiber Illuminated Door Sills
- $3000 Carbon Fiber Rear Decklid Spoiler
- $3300 Els Studio Audio System with XM
- $1500 Interwoven Wheels

Additional engine modification to the car include Science of Speed catted downpipes, Science of Speed racing intercooler, Boost Logic Titanium Exhaust, and Science of Speed JB4 Tuner that can safely bring the power to 700hp depending on fuel. The car has been lowered using the iLift system from Science of Speed, that are no longer available for sale and is on both the front and rear of the car. Using the cruise control buttons, the car can be lifted 2” while traveling less than 25 mph in 3 seconds or less. I increased the spring rates front and rear to 14kg/mm and 12kg/mm, which puts the suspension frequency at 2.4Hz average, about like a 991 GT3 Porsche (2.34Hz average), but still feels comfortable on the “Soft” and “Sport” settings with the magnetorheological dampers. The car has black anodized titanium lug bolts. An APR front splitter accents the front of the vehicle. I have the mounting rods for the splitter, but around town and autocross they are not required. I have updated the front anti-sway bar to 2019 version. One unique item is the removable wing I had built from AJ Hartman Aero with swan neck mounts from Ciro Design. It has a 14” cord and is 75” wide matching the width of the vehicle. I modeled the end plates off the Acura GT3 EVO race car, as Gradient Racing is local to Austin, and let me borrow one. They are larger by about 30% but the same shape. I didn’t want to cut the back deck, so I use 4 Sea Sucker suction cup mounts, rated at over 200lbs each to mount the wing on the back deck, and this works amazingly well. The wing can be removed and replaced in only a few minutes. It has enough suction that I can stand on the wing. I have had the car over 120 mph. I have driven from Austin to San Antonio and back without difficulty. Each of the mounts has a plunger you can see from the back window that has an orange indicator that starts to show if one is losing suction, so it is easy to spot check. The Acura chrome emblem is gone in rear and carbon fiber version on the front. I have covered the chrome “beak” with white paint protective film to match the body color. I added red pin striping to the lower black valences to accent the red brake calipers. PPF film covers most of the car. Windows are tinted. It has the Valencia red engine cover like on the Type S. I added red pin striping to the lower black valences to accent the red brake calipers. I also bought new set of Type S black Semi-Aniline Leather and Alcantara red stitched seat covers that have the NSX emblem on the headrest and are in a box ready to swap when desired.

Modification List:

- $4250 Science of Speed Racing Intercooler
- $3500 Science of Speed Catted Downpipes
- $1300 Science of Speed JB4 Tuner
- $6000 Science of Speed iLift System front and rear
- $2500 Boost Logic Titanium Exhaust
- $3500 Custom Removable Wing
- $600 APR Front Splitter
- $2700 Type S Seat Covers
- $5000 per set of custom wheels

I have used this car primarily for autocross, winning 2019 SCCA Super Stock National Championship, and it finished 4th last year in XA class with driver never running the car before. I finished 3rd in the 2020 Optima World Championship Autocross and was leading going into last run. The car qualified in top 10 in class for the shootout for the UMI King of the Mountain last year, and this was running outdated BFG R1S tires, as the must have Yokohama A052 was out of stock in the required size. The car would be plug and play for this event or Optima Ultimate Street Car competition, One Lap of America, or other similar events.

I have 4 different sets of wheels for the car, all are designed to accept the factory center caps. All have tire pressure monitors. Notice the 3 custom sets have “NSX” designation cut into outer rim of wheel.

1. Finspeed Aero Forged: 19”x 8.5” with 255/35/19 front and 19”x11” rear 325/30/19 rear Continental Extreme Contact Sport. Tires are new.
2. Stock Wheels, Interwoven painted gloss black. Front 19”x 8.5” with almost new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 255/35/19. Rear 20”x11” with well used Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 305/30/20.
3. Finspeed Aero Forged: Front 19” x 10.5” front with 275/35/19 Yokohama Advan A052 , and 19”x 13” rear with 345/30/19 A7 Hoosiers, tires are at the end of life, but can provide a new set of Hoosier A7’s.
4. DMR Forged: Front 19”x10.5” front with 275/35/19 Bridgestone RE-71RS, and 20x12.5” rear with 325/30/20 Nankang CR-S. Tires are end of life and were used to autocross and on the car in the pictures.View attachment 177213IMG_4964.jpgIMG_4987.jpgView attachment 177221View attachment 177222IMG_4964.jpgIMG_4987.jpgIMG_3713.jpgIMG_4675.jpgIMG_4944.jpgIMG_4952.jpg67216946695__E470D4B2-B5AC-4E8A-BF54-5674C4B08001.jpgIMG_4966.jpgIMG_4961.jpgIMG_4947.jpgIMG_4675.jpgIMG_4944.jpgIMG_4952.jpgIMG_4964.jpgIMG_4987.jpgIMG_3713.jpg67216946695__E470D4B2-B5AC-4E8A-BF54-5674C4B08001.jpgIMG_4966.jpgIMG_4961.jpgIMG_4947.jpg
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15 September 2018
Austin, TX
More pictures, including the exhaust system, Type S Seat covers, IMG_1880.JPGIMG_1917.jpgIMG_1918.jpgIMG_2718.jpgIMG_0404.jpgIMG_1880.JPGIMG_4957.jpgand cheeky demonstration of wing strength.