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2017 NSX Downpipe Installation Video

Look at the access to that O2 sensor! Man you basically have to take the bumper off to do just about anything on this car, huh? Much less DIY friendly than gen 1....
WOW, here I am almost 4 years later and seriously considering dumping $10k into a car I don't drive that much.

I thought I got over the mod bug with my GM stuff............
I have the SOS Downpipes and the sound as well as response are great. Yes it is a pain to access, remove the old and replace with new. If you do go forward I recommend that you keep the old downpipes rather then sell them for the precious metals. If your car cannot pass smog in the future you may need to go back to stock.
For some particular reason i cannot post the YouTube address for the video you are asking for. Go to SOS web site and under exhaust you will see the downpipes. The install video is referenced there. I tried it and it works.
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