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2021 River Run

Well it has been a while since I posted on this site or even drove my NSX. Life can really get in the way. I am so glad I did come and see old friends and make new ones and really miss some of the old friends that couldn't make this event. I plan on attending more events and maybe even put on a Bear Mt. run like I used to years ago...but before I do that all I have to do is get new tires and for the stock 2004 and there are not many choices like there used to be! Thank you to Mark and Bob for organizing such a great event and hope to see y'all soon!

It was great meeting everyone. We had a great time all around. Thanks again to Mark and Bob for organizing such a great event.
Photos look great and glad to see so many NSX out and about. Will miss everyone at NSXPO this year, roll on 2022!
Cheers Scott
Thank-you both Mark & Bob for another great event and all the work to make it a success. Although I did not get to meet everyone, I hope to do so at future meetings. Don