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3,800 mi. NSX Roadtrip-One last Gift.

8 August 2011
San Antonio, Tx
Exactly one month ago today, my wife of 24 yrs passed away. She organized her life, our teen aged son's and my mine with lists. So of course she had a list for her eventual passing from a long battle with ovarian cancer. The list contained instructions for her memorial service like who would officiate, music, scriptures read, who to donate her clothes and the disposition of her ashes.

The ashes is where the gift comes in. She saw how much my son and I enjoyed our times in the NSX and especially when we took the long roadtrip from N.C. to San Antonio, TX when I purchased the car. So to quote her, " I want you and Drew (our son) to have another adventure in the NSX. I want some of my ashes spread in the Smoky Mtns. near the place my family used to go camping when I was a child. Then from there, take the time to go some place else for awhile before coming home to continue your lives moving forward."

So we did as the boss ordered and drove to Smoky Mtn. Natl. Park to spread her ashes on a ridge overlooking the camping area she loved as a kid. After that little ceremony, Drew and I felt like we could breath again and enjoy the rest of our adventure. We took a drive into Smoky Mtn. Natl. Park on 441 with no other traffic on the road. The turns were tight and challenging and the many tunnels allowed us to hear that wonderful engine enhanced by Pride V2 exhaust scream. What a beautiful day and I could imagine her smiling at our pleasure. We enjoyed the area so much we took an extra day to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway in perfect 75 degree weather. (It was over 100 degrees in Texas during our trip.)

Then we drove through the mountains to Northern Ohio to visit my mom who couldn't make it to the service due to a health issue and friends who supported us throughout my wife's illness. After spending several days in Ohio, we drove down to Memphis, TN for two days to enjoy Booze (for DAD), Blues and BBQ before driving home to face reality, start healing and get my son back to school.

My wife was a very special person to the many who knew her. And after saying yes to a question I posed 25 yrs ago and presenting me with our son 15 yrs ago this trip was the most special gift that she could have given us as she knew that we have a special bond that many fathers and sons don't have and that a roadtrip in the car my son and I both enjoy spending time in could be used to strengthen and heal. It was her last gift to each of us and a memory that neither of us will ever forget.

Sorry for the long dissertation. After all it is just a car and it could have been a boat or plane that could have been our family hobbie. But to us this car is a vehicle to other things more important than driving from point A to B.

P.S. On our trip I lost count the number of times we were asked if the NSX was a Ferrari. My standard answer became....no it's not a Ferarri....It's better because it's a Honda and thats my son in the passenger seat and not my mechanic. No offense intended to my F-Car friends.
Thx for sharing your touching story. Really sorry for you and Drew's loss.
Such a giving wife is a rare find. I am sure she had touched many many people and left a legacy to remember. I am sure it was difficult to see her thru all the pains and suffering but still wanted you and Drew spend time of what both of you enjoyed yet her presence was there with you the whole time. Wow! what a selfless person cared for her love ones in her life above and beyond.
Amazing story, thank you for sharing. So sorry for your loss. Your wife sounds like an amazing woman and is undoubtedly smiling down in knowing you and your son were able to enjoy a great trip together. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family.
Truly a touching story, and a testament to true love.

May your wife Rest in Peace, and may you and your son continue on with nothing but the fondest of memories.
First of all - I'm very sorry for your loss! Thank you for sharing!

Two of your comments really resonated with me -
"But to us this car is a vehicle to other things more important than driving from point A to B."
My Family, (wife and kiddos share this exact same sentiment).

"My standard answer became....no it's not a Ferarri....It's better because it's a Honda and thats my son in the passenger seat and not my mechanic."
Great, great response! :)
Thanks so much for sharing this story. Our heartfelt condolences.

She sounds like an amazing woman. Please share her name, if only her first name, to personalize this story. I'd like to make a donation in her name to whatever charity you would like.

Of course, the car is a keeper, and maybe some day your son can look forward to a hand-me-down, that is, if you can bear to let him have it! :tongue:
Thank you so much for sharing.

I appreciate your telling of the story; you conveyed your wife's love and wisdom in a special way.

I lost my wife of 20 years to breast cancer on September 7th, 2007; it was a bad day.

The blessing of family, faith and friends will see you through this (but you already know that).

All the best to you and your son,

Thanks friends for your kind words and encouragement.


Thanks. Any married man who doesn't admit that they married up is in trouble. I am a better father and man for having known Sheryl. And thanks for offering to support one of our favorite charities. Donations in Memory of Sheryl Somers can be mailed to The San Antonio Chapter of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC). Their address is: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
<o:p> </o:p>
NOCC San Antonio, P. O. Box 700504, San Antonio, TX 78270.

Website for more information: http://www.ovarian.org/index.php
I'm really sorry for your loss. This story was inspirational and I feel privileged that you shared it with me and Prime.

Sounds like you and a your son had an unforgettable trip. Cheers
thank you so much for taking the time to share that story. i am both sorry and saddened by your loss; and look up to your outlook and attitude towards everything.
May you continue to heal as we grieve with you. Today i celebrate my 2nd anniversary, after losing my first wife in 07. Time heals the sadnes, eventually turning into fond memories. It sounds like you are on your way. Peace.
Awesome story , thanks for sharing
I sense that you and Drew will carry forward very loving images of Sheryl...her caring and soul will be with the two of you forever. That she thought enough to care for her two boys after her passing must have given her a great peace in knowing she had to leave behind her greatest loves being motherhood and family. There is great solace in knowing that. For Drew, the family NSX (I'm afraid it's not just yours any more...:) will symbolize a letting go of not having his mom here physically, but emotionally and spiritually cement within him, her memories, and them to you.
As if turning the key, starting the music of escape and rolling down the driveway in your NSX weren't emotionally enough on their own, you now have a spiritual connection...

Bless your and Drew's hearts at this time of both heaviness and enlightenment, I share your connection to loved ones. -- Tim. o:) [...halo for Sheryl]
Best thing I've read in a long time; appreciate you sharing that with us.

You and your son don't have your wife the same way you used to, but it's clear she left a permanent mark. I can't imagine dealing with that so I'll wish you and your son the best.
Thank you for sharing this. Beautiful story. God bless you guys.

This sounds like such a wonderful family and I hope you find sharing this story carthartic in some way. It's certainly inspirational that you all shared a passion for each other and cared for each other so selflessly.
So sorry for your loss. Wonderful touching story.

Amzing how she is still "running the show";)

God Bless and may she rest in peace.

You are very generous to share such a intimate and personal ceremony.
When I got to the part where you spread the ashes I found myself taking a deep breath as well.
Thank you for sharing.
My condolences, regards and deep respect.
Joe Lomoriello
It is amazing how a car can be so important, and can be such a release of stress. I am glad that she realized how important the NSX is to you and your son, and knew that it would help you through a tough time. I hope it continues to help you both, as I know mine has helped me through my own battles.
Oh my... what a insightful story... yet it made me smile...I'm sure she is smiling too... my thoughts are with you and Drew.
Thank you for sharing this. A great tribute to your wife's memory by fulfilling her wishes. Sincere sympathy for your loss and may the NSX continually remind you of this important voyage.