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3 Little Veyrons, all in a row

12 April 2002
Houston, Texas USA
Set to be tested by the Stig on Top Gear



Only in Dubai... I CAN'T WAIT!

Post from the most recent top gear blog... Season 11 is on the way and it sounds like a killer series!

Most exciting for me is that we’ve finally come up with another big race - you know, car versus something or other.

The last time we did one was a couple of years ago, with the plane against the Veyron, and in hindsight we lost the plot in that one - too pompous, too overblown and preposterous, too much work on the scripting to make it funny. This one is back to basics, more hardcore, mega car, mega opponent, with a solid premise. And a clue for the geeks: we did it in Japan.

Elsewhere, we’ve tackled rural issues such as the fox hunting ban and fascist ramblers. With the ingenious use of cars, we go to war, literally, with a German version of Top Gear (which incidentally means Sabine is back) and there’s a very exciting shootout with the RS6 against the most suicidal of skiers.

Jeremy also reckons he has an ingenious plan for improving British police cars, so we’ll be testing that theory, and we’ve always said you can’t be a true petrolhead until you’ve owned an Alfa, so now it’s time to put our money where our mouth is.

There’s some good metal too - new Evo X against the Impreza, CLK Black and hopefully the Mazda Furai. Overall though, the other thing we’re going to do is try and speed up a bit.
The Top Gear Top Speed video of the Veyron was GREAT! 253mph in no time...yeah I want one! Even with that weird interior... Although I'd probably race it once or twice and sell it and buy a house or two...

Who am I kidding I'd buy a few NSXs ;-)