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3rd gear grind?

25 January 2002
Ventura, CA
I owned my car for 4 months now. I have noticed that quite often when shifting into 3rd from 2nd I have tendency to shoved the gears in third (like forcing the gears in). I think, I might not fully depressed the clutch before shifting into 3rd. I have tried power shifting, seems smoothier. This only occurs when revving to 8k. My car has lite flywheel, short gears, and rm clutch. Input appreciated.
Thank you

Actually, I've noticed the same thing going from second to third--I have to wait, then shift, and it does not feel as smooth as the other gears. Is it possible to have one bad synchro? If so, any idea what the cost is to replace the synchro? My car is a 94 with 34000 miles.
Me too! I Have the Exact problem on my 92 NSX.... When shifting from 2nd to 3rd with engine above 7500 rpm, I have to wait a sec before I engage or it will grind. Hurts every time! I have 55K miles and I think I need to change the clutch. I am thinking of changing the syncros when I do the clutch. Hopefully that solves the problem.