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4.55 Gearing Question & Wondering how many NorCal drivers there are

7 March 2001
United States
My main question is the difference in Quartermile speed a 4.55 gearing would make. I have a 92 NSX TT w/relatively low milage (24k). I haven't taken it to the track yet but the original owner ran the car two times, once before the TT was installed and once after. Before: 14.441, After: 12.662. The car has stock rims, Haltech fuel management, Corky Bell TT setup and a performance chip, the rest is stock. I also would like suggestions on other mod's to do to the car.
Secondly I was wondering if anyone lives near Walnut Creek (near Berkely) in NorCal and would like to go out driving sometime, if so please send me an email, I'll be up north this weekend: Email: [email protected]
Thanks for your time
92 NSX TT white/black
97 Supra TT BPU++++ black/black
Hi Dave, a bunch of us are going to the Donutz track day on March/30th
You can register on their website: http://www.donutzracing.com/
click on event info, and look for the Thunderhill 3/30
At least 2 NSX, me and Telly chang's will be there.

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Hey Dave, I am unsure of the 1/4 mile time improvement with the short gears and the 4.55 on a turbocharged NSX. I belive that I have heard others say with that setup on mildly modified cars they have recorded a full second quicker time 0-60. From my understanding the car is a tad slower with the short gears from 3rd gear on, 100mph + (could be wrong here). I myself hopefully will be getting the short gears with the 4.55 (if monetarily possible). I am currently running NOS with all of the other usual bolt ons. I just recently sold my BPU+ supra. I was wondering how your turbo'd NSX feels compared to your dawg. As for other mods I would think that a header and exhaust would be a great improvement for your NSX. Just think what a dp and exhaust does for the supra
With your car being turbocharged I would imagine you would see great imoprovements. A great person to talk to on the list would be David, his car just made 500+ rwhp from a single and is not even dialed in yet. I'm sure he'll chime in when he sees this post. Did you buy that car on ebay? Let me know what you think.

Originally posted by NSSEXTC:
My main question is the difference in Quartermile speed a 4.55 gearing would make.

Same driver, (2) Comptech SC NSX

1. stock 5 speed 13.1@112 mph
2. six speed & 4.55 R&P 12.4@112 mph.

Using stock 5 speed, three passes, 13.1 best time on Yoko road race tires (ran in cold weather, no traction). Using six speed & 4.55 R&P, all 1/4 mi under 12's on 18" street tires Dunlop SP 9000.

It makes a huge difference because drag racing is all about getting out of the hole and the 1-2 shift is also very important.