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$55K for 97 NSX???

24 January 2001
Los Angeles (SFV), CA, USA
Hi everyone!
Just went to look at a 1997 Blk/Tan 6-speed NSX-T. It has 35K miles on it! Brand new tires and 30K tune-up performed! Very clean, the only thing I saw wrong was the right rear fender is a little dented in. Basically there is a 1/4 inch gap between the bumper and fender, bumper sticking out alittle!
You think $55,000 is good price???

My 1999 3.2TL
$55000 is a very good price IMO, however, the damage you describe sounds very odd. Look at the bolts that secure the rear fenders on. You can find these by opening the trunk and looking at the 10MM bolts (two on each side). These are painted on at the factory. If there has been any paint work, a shop will usually take off the fenders. The paint on the bolts may look like it is scratched, and not flush with the fender. If you send me a digital picture of an up close shot, I can probably tell. Run through the usual checks, including www.nsxprime.com/toc "buyinging an NSX"

-- Chris

Chris Willson
$55K would be a very good price if the car didn't have any body damage, keeping in mind that 35K miles is fairly high for a '97.

What I would do is locate a good body shop with NSX experience (San Pedro Body Shop is one in your area), and arrange for someone from there to go to the dealer and take a look at the car to estimate how much it would cost to repair properly. (Expect to pay that person for his time.) Then take this cost into account in deciding on whether to proceed. For example, if you're looking at a $2K repair, then you're really paying $57K for the car.