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7,000 RPM engine jump

5 September 2000
I never notice it before but today I rev the engine while not driving all the way to 8,000 rpms but it only wnet to 7,000 rpms and then jump back to 6,500 rpms and went back to around 7,000 rpms few times. It was as if some one would be pressing the pedal and letting it go but no I had my foot stedy.

I seen somthing like that with old Pontiac cars when the catalyc converter was old or bad. Can this be it ?????

It is manual, and I think you right the car might be little cold. Now there are cool nights and I give it only like 3-4 minutes. I'll try tommorow.
You really should warm the car up for about 15-20 minutes of driving (more on a cold morning) before you drive it hard.
My car in neutral only revs to 7000rpm's even if its warm.
Runs to 8K just fine in gear though.
Actually, my car runs to 8500 (as indicated on the Tach, which may not be accurate)in 3rd gear and above.
Originally posted by Lud:
You really should warm the car up for about 15-20 minutes of driving (more on a cold morning) before you drive it hard.

You should also not make a habit of running the engine to redline in neutral.
Sorry guys, I know it sounds like I abuse my NSX, but I dont. I only revvied it once or twice to redline in neutral and that was to record some sound clips.

The 3rd gear 8500rpm was at the track, on the front straight of PIR. I have just enough time to shift into 4th gear for half a second before braking and downshifting back into 3rd. Instead I just left it in 3rd and was going to bounce it off the limiter for the half second. It didnt. It revved to 8500.

Edo<----feels like everyone thinks he is a maniacal driver.
My freind has a 2001 BMW M5, nice car. The tach is very intresting. It has L.E.D.s in succession that light up when the car is cold decreasing the RPM level. This gives the operator a visual not to go above when the engine has not reached operating temperature. As the car warms up the L.E.D.s slowly go out one by one increasing the RPM level. I have not asked him if the computer will let him go above the L.E.D.s. I do think this is one more area that Honda engineers did not miss on. As usuall, the NSX was ahead of its time in engineering planning. Maybe in the new NSX we can get these lights to? Can't wait for the new one!!
The rev limiter (fuel cut) does NOT kick in at the indicated redline of 8000 RPM. It kicks in more like 8300 RPM. The tach is not 100% accurate so it may read a couple hundred RPM high so it may appear to be 8500.

I think mine kicks in between 8200 and 8300.

However, I don't think it's a good idea to let the rev limiter kick in - especially since, if you're accelerating to redline, it's usually in circumstances under which you wouldn't want to be upsetting the balance of the car (like when the engine is cut off).