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718 GT4 RS Nurburgring on board video

That crushes the new NSX time (7:36) and its 30k cheaper. Pretty impressive. There are a couple of American cars in that range that are probably better bang for the buck if that's your thing. The GTR is the only Japanese car somewhat close that isn't 1M+ (LFA Nurburgring) and then the NSX after that. A whole lot of European and Italian cars in the top 50.
Lol ...the RS was my backup plan....
992 GT3 vs GT4 RS comparison video

The 992 GT3 is about 10 seconds faster at the Ring than the GT4 RS, and it looks more settled due to the better suspension and aero as well as been able to put the power down efficiently due to the RR nature and the active e-diff (RWS might play a role as well).

Also apparent that the engines are not the same between the 2 cars. (ITB's and TB on the 992 GT3 vs a regular TB setup on the GT4 RS), although both engines rev to a 9000RPM Redline :biggrin:

Edit: Turns out that I was wrong the car does indeed use the GT3 engine with the ITB's (but a modified main Plenum and TB orientation due to the differences in engine orientation compared to the GT3). Less HP than the 992 GT3 due to the differences in exhaust layout/backpressure according to AP@porsche.
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