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91 blk/blk 51k JH4na1156mt000977

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19 February 2002
Portland, Oregon USA
On ebay

Hate that i am doing this, but business needs to come first. Honestly hardest thing i have had to do in a long time! This car was/is my dream car. I have owned almost 6 years and spent THOUSANDS on upgrades and mods. I put it on ebay as well. Item #4606420580

1991 Acura NSX.
5 speed.
Black on Black.

TONS of extras. Over $25,000 in extras!
Vin# JH4NA1156MT000977 Miles: 51,195

3rd owner since new.

1st owner 12/20/91-4/1/99,
2nd owner 4/1/99-10/1/00
3rd owner (ME) 10/16/00-present

CLEAN TITLE! I can fax you carfax if you want, or you can run.

Never in a major accident, flood, or salvage of any kind. VERY Minor accident in 2002 when a guy backed into the car while i was sittting at a stop light. Less than 3mph, he was only about 1’ in front of me, did not want to wait for the light to turn, said he could not see my car and just bumped back into it.


Carfax will show failed emissions in 2002 because I removed the cats. I now live in an area where DEQ is not required. Orginal cats are included and it WILL pass 100% when they are installed. Tags are current until 10/2007.

Runs 100% perfect. Starts every time, no issues with any engine, drive, stop, handling, electrical component whatsoever. Car is a 9 out of 10. No 14year old car is perfect. This car does have minor (few) rock chips on front lower valance (NO one notices unless i point them out! nothing you can do when the front bumper is 4" off the ground), but the paint and interior are impressively in great shape. The wheels are PERFECT not even one little mark on them. Car stands out like nothing else. I cannot drive without people turing heads, commenting, or just asking about it. This was my dream car and I have treated it as such. I have driven it in rain maybe 5 times in past 6 years, usually only when I got caught out in it mid-drive. Had a passenger in it maybe 4 or 5 times total since 00’. Always washed by hand, waxed twice a year, NO SWIRLS in paint! I get TONS of comments on how “wet” the paint looks, cause I have so much wax on it. I ALWAYS allow it to idle warm up for 15 mins before driving. Only “major” issue I see is the AC needs recharged. I never have used it, so I did not fix. It is all working, just blows semi-cool.

Only selling due to business. I drive it less and less everyyear due to long hours and frequent travel due to my business. I build very high end motorcycles and as such am very anal with my personal vehicles. I drove it only 581 miles in 2005. I will NOT take offers less than the reserve. Please don’t ask what reserve is, but it is less than buy it now. Read thru the list of mods I have done below and you will see I spare NO expense. ONLY THE BEST has ever been done to or used on my car! PERIOD.

This is BY FAR the nicest, most high end aftermarket parts equipt'd 1991 NSX for sale. Perfect colors, all mods are TOP QUALITY and the buyer will be amazed with car. I know it is not 100% perfect, i am VERY HONEST, but after 14 years and has a few typical nsx things, small crack on dash trim piece under windshield like most, minor rock chips in front lower spoiler, ac not that cold, but i have NOTHING TO HIDE! Ask me ANYTHING. This car is simply AMAZING in looks, handling, braking, performance for the price!

Exterior Color: Black

Body Kit: Wings west front spoiler, side skirts, rear splitters-color matched

Emblems: Honda Japanesse H symbol on Hood, NSX-R Door handle badges

Wiper Blades: PIAA Super silica

Headlights: PIAA Extreme white hid style bulbs in both hi and lo


Wheels: BEAUTIFUL HRE 547 Fully polished Custom 3 piece wheels (over $4,600!) 18x8, 19x10

Tires: Bridgestone S-03. 225/35-18” (85%), 275/35-19” (90%) Like new!

Struts: Bilstein Sport (less than 100 miles on them)

Springs: H&R Sport (@1.1” lowering)

Sway bars: Dali Front and Rear Street/Race 22.2mm (less than 100 miles

Strut bar: Red Alloy Comptech type single rear bar

Brakes: Dali/Aero 2 piece front slotted disc, Dali/Aero 1 piece slotted rear,

Axis pads front and rear. Dali Air duct-front rotor cooling

Ducts. Oem calipers painted red (less than 1,000 miles on all)

Alignment: Factroy Acura aligened less than 50 miles ago

Hood struts: new rear glass engine cover struts just installed


Miles: 51,195 orginal miles. I have put @7,000 on it in last 6 years

Internal mods: None. Bone stock. Never been worked on

Intake: Injen polished intake runner with Large K&N filter

Exhaust: DC Full stainless steel Headers that have been thermal coated by Performance coatings before I installed with new OEM gaskets

(less than 100 miles)

Sensors: New 4 O2 sensors (less than 100 miles)

Cats: Comptech Cat bypass pipes (I don’t have to go thru deq) Original working catalytic converters are included with sale.

Muffler: RM Racing comp Full stainless steel exhaust muffer

Radiator overflow: Dali Polished resivoir

Service: Not once in for service since I have owned. I put in fresh plugs at

@47,000, and change oil twice a year regardless of mileage,

using Redline 5w30 full synthetic. All vacum lines have been

replaced at @47,000. Air filter cleaned once a year. Coolant

flushed/replaced at 44,000 with redline water wetter


Clutch: RM Racing/CM fiber dual disc. Replaced at @44,000 miles

Flywheel: Jun racing ultra l/w flywheel. Replace at @44,000

Gears: JDM Genuine Honda Type-R close ratio gearbox gears.
2nd, 3rd, 4th. Replaced at @44,000

Rear end: JDM Genuine Honda Type-R 4.23 shorter ring and pinion
Replaced at @ 44,000. All original gears/pinion included in sale

Fluid: Redline full synthetic in both gearbox and rear end at @44,000

(all drivetrain done by Portland Acura dealer, @44,000miles)


Seats: OEM Power leather, like new condition! No rips/tear/wear. AMAZING condition for 14 years! NO rub off of leather on the drivers side!!! Passenger seat hardly ever sat in since new!

Steering wheel: Oem with airbag (never deployed)

Glass: oem non tinted. Never replaced any pieces. Oem windshield molding
new (less than 50 miles. These are commonly known to shrink with
age) side windows just had Acura instal alloy window sliders (upgrade)
drivers side window has small scratch about 1" long at VERY bottom
due to original owner not using right screw in oem speaker. hard to see

Shifter: Honda Type-R style shift knob. Oem boot.

Pedals: Razo Carbon/Alloy pedal cover plates

Floor mats: Zanardi limited edition black with red piping


Instal: All instal and custom work done by Jerry Demazes. Pro Audio installer
Fabricator. Worked for Phoenix Gold for 10 years, man magazine and
show cars, including SEMA. He had my car for over 2 months Just the
hidden subwoofer enclosure (see pic) took him a week to build!

Head Unit: Alpine CDA-7875 60wx4, AM/FM/XM/CD

Speakers: Phoenix Gold Titanium 5 Comp Elite (Top of the line!) 5.25” mids,
1.1” ti tweeters

Sub: Phoenix Gold Titanium Elite 10d. 10” sub with completely hidden/custom
Enclosure under dash in front of passenger feet, with custom
Phoenix Gold CNC cover plate

Amps: Phoenix Gold Titanium 500.4 internally upgraded at PG (@800watts)

Crossover: Phoenix Gold Titanium XO Elite

Equalizer: Phoenix Gold Titanium Elite

Wiring: All speaker, ground, and power wiring is oversized Monster Cable

Battery: Odessey deep cycle Gel cel batter

Alarm: Sidewinder remote unlock/lock with shock sensor

Accessory: Custom Carbon fiber dash plateand head unit/oem style dash,
Custom FULL CARBON TRUNK TUB with amp enclosed under
Custom PLEXIGLASS Logo’d cover. (must see!) PG battery
terminal, distribuiton blocks, fuse blocks/holders. PG RCA cables


Oem Wheels with Yokohamo tires
OEM Rotors, front and rear
OEM Muffler
OEM catalytic converters
OEM Exhaust manifolds (headers)
OEM Airbox
OEM plastic overflow bottle
OEM Struts
OEM Swaybars
OEM Headunit stereo
OEM Geniune Acura Car Cover

Deposit of $500 due within 24hrs. Deposit is NON REFUNDABLE but will be applied to selling price

Shipping NOT provided by seller. Buyer to arrange for LOCAL pickup. Buyer responsible for ALL costs in pickup and or delivery of vehicle. I work 13-15hr days, i have ZERO time to arrange shipping. Please dont ask.

I will try and upload more pics. Im not the best at taking pics. It has rained here in Portland, OR for 37 days straight! so dont want to take it outside for more pics. email me if you would like more detailed photos and specify what pics you would like.

Thanks Guys,

Eric Dorn
private email: [email protected]

New pics. Snuck it out between rain stroms...barely! :) thanks


more pics again


  • nsx hood.JPG
    nsx hood.JPG
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  • nsx left front 2.JPG
    nsx left front 2.JPG
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  • nsx right rear.JPG
    nsx right rear.JPG
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  • nsx front right.JPG
    nsx front right.JPG
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  • nsx left rear.JPG
    nsx left rear.JPG
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  • nsx_outside_front.JPG
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  • nsx_outside_left_front.JPG
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  • nsx_outside_left_side.JPG
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  • nsx_outside_right_front.JPG
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  • nsx_outside_trunk.JPG
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  • nsx_outside_right_side.JPG
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  • nsx_outside_left_rear.JPG
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  • nsx_outside_front.JPG
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  • nsx_outside_rear_wheel.JPG
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