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91 nsx power locks and alarm issues

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Oct 16, 2021
Hey nsx homies,

I’ve been reading about the nsx power locks / keyless entry issues on the forums. I have read about how guys are taking a system from an Acura legend and changing the connectors and making it work.

I just got my nsx a few days ago and I’m greatly enjoying it but I’d also like to get this electrical situation figured out.

I’d like to stay as oem as possible but I also just broke the bank buying the car so I’m not opposed to a cheaper alternative. (Amazon alarm with new fob route)

Here’s what’s going on, my fob obviously doesn’t work and neither do my power lock buttons. Sometimes when I park and take out the key the alarm auto activates. When this happens I can press the unlock button and alarm deactivates but the locks don’t unlock. Sometimes when I get out and lock the door with the key the alarm activates but some times it doesn’t.

I found a guy selling an oem brain and keyless entry system that’s plug and play for my car but it’s kinda steep.

Please let me know what my options are and how you think I should start!

Thanks a lot !

The car is a 91 and it’s RHD