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91 NSX Yellow/Blk - VIN JH4NA1152MT001964

21 February 2008
Central Florida
VIN JH4NA1152MT001964

Hey guys

Just wanted to give y'all the heads up that the Lamborghini Yellow NSX I bought from Richard Boodoo last year is lookin' for a new home. Many of you know the car - some love it, some not so much, but everyone knows how well done it is. The car has nearly as much $$$ in mods as I'm selling the car for. Richard gave me a very fair deal on the car - I put a fresh set of G Force KDWs on it and a few other things - all I'm trying to do is get out of it what I've got in it and pass the deal onto the next guy. Fact is I can't drive it. I can't even get in it. Let me explain.

To try and make a long story short, my back took a #@$! a few months ago - ended up having surgery to try to repair two damaged discs (one severely herniated and one occluded, which translates to exploded) that were causing me tremendous distress. Turns out the one that exploded pushed disc material into my spinal canal and around my sciatic nerve so not only was I in crazy pain but I started losing motor function in my left leg (which is why I agreed to the surgery). Surgery seemed to go well, thought I was gonna be ok, but now I'm having problems again. Had another MRI last week - doesn't look good. Heading to the neurosurgeon again this afternoon to see what our next move is. You get the picture.

Have the car on ebay:


I love the car so if I got a little carried away with the description (The Very Best There Is. Period. etc), you'll have to forgive me

The odometer shows right at 100k miles - it has about 28k on it since it was completely gone through. Many of you know Richard and his brother Curtis up at Asian Imports in MD - any questions I can't answer I'm sure they can.

I'm open to offers. Or conversation. My name is Bill and I can be reached at 352.751.4878. If you miss me please leave a message - I'll definitely call you back.

I'm prayin' that I'm well enough at some point to be able to get another NSX - this is breakin' my heart. I'm trying to be "mature" about this but I'm havin' a tough time. Wanted one for years, finally got one, and now this. I'm only 48 and I'm a big, healthy, athletic guy. This sucks in ways you can't imagine.

A word of wisdom for the day - take advantage of every day - you never know what's around the corner. It's like gettin' hit by a train you didn't see or hear - I couldn't have seen this coming, and put off doing a lot of stuff I may now not get to do. Don't make that mistake. Please

Have a great day guys.


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