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91 red/blk 59K Tubi, Brembos JH4NA1152MT000281

4 September 2003
Cincinnati, OH
The verdict is in, the carfax on this car is spotless, and the car has no accident history. I would be happy to email the carfax report to anyone who wishes, just PM or email me at [email protected], or check for yourself at carfax.com

'91 red/black, 59700 miles. JH4NA1152MT000281
purchased 1/2/04

All service up to date as follows, have records for the important ones.

Air Filter q2/30K 4/04 57K
Transmission oil q2/30K 1/03 55K
Coolant q2/30K 7/02 54K
Fuel filter q4yrs/60K 7/03 55K
timing belt/water pump q6/90K 7/02 54K
oil 3/05 59.7K
spark plugs q6/60K 6/03 55K
Valve adjustment q30K 3/05 59.7K
Alignment 6/03 55K

Performance upgrades:

Comptech Headers
Tubi exhaust (sn# 100)
Bridgestone ProDrive GC-07 wheels with Bridgestone S-03 tires
- the package that SOS sells - 215/40-17 in front, 315/35-18 rear.
- Rears are at 35%, fronts at 85%
Brembo Gran Turismo kit, front and rear with emergency brake kit ($$$).
short gear 4.23 ring and pinion transmission by Mark Basch (faster 0-60), no snap ring probs.
Centerforce clutch (wonderful, no shudder)
Cantrell cold air intake system
HID's (low beam)

Cosmetic upgrades:

Interior mostly fresh/replaced, drivers seat has bolster wear (see photo)
- center console garnish new/scratch free
- dash probably new, it sure looks it.
- carpets in great shape (replaced?)
- new shift knob/steering wheel
- Zanardi mats/trunk mat
- new headliner/visors
- new rear glass
- Newer model center glove compartment (won't burn you)
- New front garnish to the dash (no crack at the sunlight sensor)
- chin spoiler new and perfect except for scuff at right side
- new wiper arms
- none of the fading/wear you would expect on a '91 (white print on all radio knobs etc is fine)

New professional paint job to make the car perfect and the roof red
Cantrell Concepts carbon fiber engine cover w/lexan window
updated emblems front and rear

Interior upgrades:

Passport SRX Laser/radar built in
Keyless Entry
Alpine CD changer, MP3 capable.
Alpine/honda DVD Navigation system (SOS kit)

Other stuff:

Factory service mat
Factory car cover
Factory service manuals
FIAMM horns
spare SRS harness and sensors to decorate your holiday tree

Original spare tire, (but it won't fit over the Brembos)


A few tiny rock chips in regular places (wheel wells, hood) and a tiny paint defect where the driver's side headlamp cover was rubbing on the hood (see photos) This has been readjusted but the defect remains.

One of the HID bulbs ignites more slowly than the other (but works) and can't be turned off then on again quickly without cooling down (takes 10 seconds)

tiny green light on TCS button is burnt out

LR wheel minor curb rash
LF wheel mismatched touch up paint from a scratch. (see photos)

parking brake leather has wear - normal but just looks odd with the quality of the rest of the interior.

Things I've done in the 1 year/4000 mi I've owned it:

replaced SRS computer to fix SRS light
valve adjustment/fresh oil change
new Interstate battery
replaced air filter
fixed a coolant leak (bad hose)
Had the subwoofer and passenger side speaker rebuilt
rewired the HID system
Lubed aspirator fan
repaired faulty intermittent wiper problem

otherwise it's been trouble free. All systems work fine. A/C is COLD
All these mods add up to big $$$, the car could be returned to stock fairly easily and cheaply if you wanted to sell the mods.

Clean Carfax, never damaged
Have many service records/documentation for the mods

All mods (including clutch, transmission, brakes, paint) have less than 6K miles on them!

The car performs flawlessly in every way. The car really does look new and the paint was done right. Really must be seen to be appreciated. $36,500. Car is located north of Cincinnati, Ohio.

This car is a great deal if you are interested in the mods, (and most people would be - they are generally considered top notch and tasteful) The cost of buying another car and bringing it up to this condition would far far exceed my asking price.

photos at http://www.goodcats.com/nsx

and from the previous owner at


Thank you for reading this!

Andy Summers
[email protected]
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The pictures that the original seller has makes it look like the car was damaged. In particular, the front bumper is broken, cracked and severly beat up.

Are you sure this car hasn't been in an accident?
It just looks to me like they're in process of removing the old paint. the bumper isn't a single piece (upper and lower portions). I don't see any cracks, breaks, or areas where is it disfigured.

The car was painted because the previous owner was a perfectionist and the paint wasn't perfect. Plus he wanted the roof red. He also had the mast antenna hole filled in and mounted a rear window antenna.

I can't be absolutely sure there was never any damage because I didn't have it the first 55K miles but to my and the previous owner's best ability to tell, there is no evidence of any accidents. You are welcome to have it inspected. Given the degree to which the last owner had this car disassembled as you can see from the photos I think he'd know if it had been damaged. Plus he would have been a fool to invest so much money in a wrecked car.

Da Hapa said:
The pictures that the original seller has makes it look like the car was damaged. In particular, the front bumper is broken, cracked and severly beat up.

Are you sure this car hasn't been in an accident?
Well apparently the carfax isn't clean, but I'm trying to find out the truth. If someone wants to post it I'd appreciate it. The car is straight and I think the carfax is in error but if there is any truth to it I will be forthcoming and adjust the price accordingly.

here a link to the previous owner's for sale posting if anyone's interested in seeing when I bought it

Well it seems the carfax, as delivered straight from Carfax, is clean after all.

Anyone who is interested in this car is more than welcome to schedule an inspection. I have a lift available if you wish to see the underside of the car.