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'92 Exhaust Tips

I have some absolutely mint exhaust tips off of my 92 - I used for about 3 months - extemely nice, I put an RSR exhaust system on and have these I will sell you? Let me know - $ 50.00 plus shipping or $ 200 bucks for the whole exhaust!
i almost forgot about this thread. here are some pics requested by nis350 and vizal.

i think i paid 20 each from pepboys and had to grind down the bolts because they were too long. thats another 30 dollars i had to spend on a bench grinder from costco.
each tip at 3 bolts to grind down so they did not stick out too far.

BTW, i'll be selling my exhaust and the tips in a few months if anyone is interested. thats if i ever get my taitec center exit fixed and put on.


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