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93 Silver/Black $23k 167k miles JH4NA1152PT000625

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25 February 2003
Seattle, WA
SOLD! 93 Silver/Black $23k 167k miles JH4NA1152PT000625

1993 Silver/Black NSX. $23,000.

One of ~28 silvers made for that year. 93 was the last year of this silver and has dual front airbags, cup holders, along with other minor changes. The car has Comptech carbon fiber dash kit, Comptech exhaust, RM intake, and Catz HID headlights. Aside from these mods, it has been stock.

I am the third owner of this car. Purchased the car back in March, 2003 and had Don at Hilltop Acura Service replace the timing belt, belt tensioner, water pump, thermostat, all driving belts, cam shaft seals, inner & outer CV boots on both sides in the rear, as well as a valve adjustment.

The car has 167k miles on it right now. It is still on its second set of clutch and seeing no signs of any slippage when most NSX's are on their third set by 90k miles. VIN is "JH4NA1152PT000625". You would be able to see that the 2nd owner did a lot of highway driving, ~90k miles within a span of about 2 years. As you can imagine, the engine wear and tear has been minimal. I am the third owner. I have driven 3 other NSX's. The engine feels as strong as my buddy's 93 with 30k miles on it, and noticeably stronger than a 91 with 80k on it.

The car has had no issues and is an absolute blast to drive. I purchased the car to drive when I would feel stressed out, and it has served this purpose quite well.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks for looking.



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Yes, AC blows cold and all controls work.

Additional pictures were taken this Thursday. Please email me at "" and I will reply with the pictures attached.


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Car is sold pending check clearing the banks. Thank you NSXPrime! I will be back when I can afford another car.


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