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'95 -T owner seeking mod advice


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3 February 2000
I'm posting here because I simply don't have time to answer all my NSX e-mails. I'll point the author to this thread.

From: Jeff Smith
Subject: 1996 NSXT
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2001 16:18:51 -0400

I recently purchased a 96 NSX-T and as far as I know the only aftermarket
mod is Comptech headers, cats, and exhaust. Can you give me an idea of the
best performance upgrades from this point ( short of supercharging). Is
their a chip available? is it recommended etc. ? Also, can you give me an
idea of what the horsepower output is with the Comptech exhaust as is?
Thanks for any help.....
Jeff --

The best non-induction mods you can make for horsepower are headers, exhaust, intake.

ScienceofSpeed sells DC Sports headers for your car, which are far less expensive than Comptech ($1299 vs. ~$1600). ScienceofSpeed also markets the TAITEC GT Parallel and GT Competition exhausts, which are highly tuned Japanese exhausts with excellent build quality. As far as intake mods, ScienceofSpeed offers a ram-air "Air Induction System" and ARC's Velocity Stack Air Induction Box. You can find these mods and more here:

I have also found that the 1991-1996 cars respond very well to ring & pinion modifications (ie. NSX-R gears or Comptech 4.55 gears). The Japanese short-gears are also a good mod when you get into the gear box. In my opinion, these are good mods when it is time to replace a clutch, as the additional labor is minimal.

You'll find that other NSX'ers are very helpful, so feel free to ask more questions.

-- Chris


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