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97 NSX Volatage Problem

10 July 2000
El Dorado Hills, CA
97 NSX Voltage problem. Noticed right tail light dimmer than left. Replaced bulbs no change. Ran voltage check and found left at 12v and right at 10v (HMMM). Note: Wiring comes in on left side. Acura Tech. Line has not heard of this problem (my luck). Checked 98 and found same. Check grounds back to dash and I DO NOT want to dismantle dash assemby. Anyone experience this problem and what was the fix if any?

I haven't had this problem on the NSX, but on another vehicle it was just a bad ground. When you said you checked the grounds did you make sure there was no paint or other substance blocking contact. The NSX has coatings on bolts that are disimilar metals.

Sorry no absolute answer, but definitely sounds like bad ground, which are a pain in the @#s to find.