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97 Spa Yellow Makeover

23 December 2000
Charlotte, NC USA
I just completed some mods as I have owned my NSX for six years and was starting to get bored. I figured I would have some mods done and I am giddy about my car again as when I first got it. Summary of mods:

Fikse Profil Wheels 17/18"
Bridgestone Potenza SO3 225/265
StopTech Racing Brakes
Bilstein Shocks (lowered 3/4")
Odyssey racing Battery
Comptech Headers/Exhaust/Hi-Flow Cats
Cantrell Intake
Beta Fuel Mgmt. Chip
Various weight reduction steps

I finally got a new digital camera and took a couple of shots:


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I am sworn to secrecy. The benefits are very modest though - only about 5 HP. I am keeping my fingers crossed for AEM to introduce an OBDII chip that does something dramatic.
Car looks great. It still looks like it could use a little more lowering though. Gorgeous wheels too. That is the 2nd NSX I have seen with them.

Steve K.
More lowering? Yikes! As it is, I can't enter my driveway no matter which angle due to the grade. I have to back in and the clearance at the lowest point is less than 1/4". I might as well remove my front spoiler lip. :wink:
It is awesome looking as usual. It is even better in person. Here is a closeup of the brakes I took at a car show when we met up. Sweeeet! :biggrin: