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9th Annual Late Summer Beach BBQ


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9 July 2010
Fountain Valley, Ca.
Our 9th Annual Late Summer Beach BBQ is slowly approaching and will be on Sunday September 22nd starting at 10:00 am till whenever. This is probably the earliest we've had it in all the years of planning it. As per usual your NSX is not required as this is a social event among the SoCal NSX community, but NSX is definitely encouraged! Please post with what you will be bringing as it will be potluck style! There will be a grill for those whom wish to use it.

We will be using the picnic tables closest to Brookhurst and PCH, look for the NSX banner. Robert will confirm the morning of on FaceBook if the main entrance off Brookhurst is open, hoping it is! If not you can enter from Magnolia.

Hope to see you all there.

Post here or on FaceBook.
Almost. I'm in California now but leave/ drive back to Colorado Tuesday morning. At least I drove my beauty while I was here.
Sign up roster from Facebook

Mario Cano - Tables, chairs, BBQ, canopies
Craig Ryan - Plates, Utensils, and Cups
Carmina Semilla - ???
Kyle Tran - ???
Shirley Tang - Spicy chicken wings
Marcus Welby - marinated skirts steak and accessories
Joeytai Ly - ???
Philipp Beuthner - ???
Danny Ly - ???
Michael Stockinger - ???
Nemo Balceta - Portos
Jimmy Pham - Eggrolls
Danny Trieu - ???
Thanh Thai - ???
Therdee Macayan - ???
Danny Li - ???
Adrian Tovar - ???
Michael Mao - ???
Win Tran - chicken and ribs
The poor blue beauty needs her legs stretched more often that that! Safe travels Patty.

I know! I left it in CA but I brought a photo back to Colorado so I can at least see "it" in my garage, here. The plates were the first ones I put on it but I bought a different set that are on it now as you can see in the last photo.

190919_205833  NSX print CO garage.jpg
^ Poster in Colorado now, instead of CA. This was from the 3-24-201 drive in Malibu by the Rockstore.

190911_094316  NSX  at Kaiser.jpg
^9-11-2019. The NSX seemed way more exotic this trip to CA. Nothing around but silver, black and white SUVS for the most part.

190909_094058  NSX  and Crosstour license.jpg
^9-9-2019. I miss my 2015 Crosstour, too. It hauls ass compared to my 2017 Pilot in CO. I do have my 2007 S2000 here in CO though, so that is fun.
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