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A/C Control Module problems

29 January 2004
Hellow fellow NSXer's, I know this similar post has been up a million times actually helped me once with this similar problem 2 years or more ago. Lasttime the Module went crazy wouldnt blow except full fan or low, so I got a new module from a 97' fixed my problem. Now the fixed module is acting up again want to know if it could be the same problem or something else.

The other night it was working perfect and all of a sudden just stopped running and had no pwer what so ever to it not even for fresh air, Thought it could be a fuse so I checked it they were all fine. Parked the car frustrated the next morning got in the car and it ran fine for about 2-3 minutes then shut off again with absolutly no power. Can my syptoms be the same again and need to replace the Module once again?

Thanks :confused: