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A/C replaced

8 March 2000
Austin, TX USA
Seems my ac failed and needs to be replaced. Mine is a 92, can i go ahead and get the parts for a 93+ nsx so that i have the R134a vs the expensive R12? thankfully the warranty company is covering the cost. How much should i expect for the repair, the dealer quoted me $1500 parts and $1100 for labor. Was quoted 16 hours labor, sounds high to me.


92 Red/Blk
Sounds a little high on the price, but not ridiculous. $2000-2500 is a typical quote.

All you need to do on the R134a replacement is to have them install the conversion kit, part number 38020-SM4-A1AH, which costs around $60 or so.
Are the parts for a 92 same as the ones for a 93? Do newer cars just have the conversion done to them from the factory?

Since i have to replace basically all the parts can i just get the 93+ or do i need the conversion kit also?

92 Red/Blk
First check for your self what the problem is.

NSX AC system have diagnostic system build in. Put AC on FULL Auto on 60F for a 1 minute then press AUTO and OFF at the same time if any of the modes comes on then that peace have to be rapaired if nothing comes on then maybe you need more Freon or the AC motor is bad. In my case my evaporator sensor was bad. You can see the whole procedure in 91NSX Manual under the AC system.

But if warranty covers it then don't worry about it