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A few questions about our new NSX.

13 March 2001
North Potomac, MD
We have really enjoyed our new NSX. I have a few questions now that we have put 1500 miles (mostly from the FL trip) on it.
  1. Seems that everytime I launch the car for the first time after it has sat for a while, I hear a very faint "growling" noise along with a vibration feel in the gas peddle, lasting until the clutch is fully engaged. Once it moves and I launch again, the noise and vibration are gone. Has anyone else had this experience? What is it?

  2. Yesterday was the first time we removed the T-Top. The car did not seem as rigid. I felt more vibration in the steering wheel as I drove over small bumps in the road. The car had more flex. Is this normal? It is hard to believe that the top provides that much difference to the rigidity of the car.

  3. When the engine warms up to normal temperature, the shifter and the clutch are not as smooth as when they are cold. Is this normal? Are there lube points on either the clutch or shifter?

  4. After we arrived home last weekend, I noticed a chip in the T-Top that was poorly touched-up. I immediately called the dealer and he did not argure it happened there. I want this fixed right. I know it takes special techniques to repaint this area. Any ideas on who and how to get this fixed in the Washington D.C. area?

  5. Finally, does anyone know of a good "certified" NSX tech in the Washington D.C. area?

    My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting about 11 other DC NSXers this past Sat and one of them, Roy and his son Mike was kind enough to take a nice picture of our car. Here it is:

Mines just the oppisite, If I don't drive it for a while, the clutch and shifter seem stiff and clunky. After I heat things up it's very smooth.

As a matter of fact I just took it to the dealership today and let the NSX Tech drive it because I thought I was ready for a clutch, he said it felt great and would'nt sell me one...I drove it yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks, everything felt fine within 10 minutes and still does today.
Craig has far too much time on his hands. Gold Coast could have sold him a brand spankin' new clutch, but did the right thing and told him "you don't need it right now, wait until it's worn out", BTW I'm physcic.
Congratulations on your car. It is beautiful. The loss of rigidity with the top off is normal. That piece of metal makes a world of difference in flex. All targas and convertibles do this, some worse than others. It is the price you pay for the view! Enjoy your ride, and remember the sunscreen (I did not yesterday on the Blue Ridge, I am paying for it today).

Gary Yates
1995 Red/Tan
Have the transmission serviced with redline MT90 oil.This will solve your problem with the transmission.


97 NSX-T
93 RX7 Touring

I caught up w/ you guys at the tail end right before you took off, I must say your color is sweet in person. As far as NSX mechanic goes, I trust mine w/ Charlie at the Car Doctor, an independent Honda service station in Arlington, VA. I don't think he's NSX certified, but he's a very talented & experienced Honda mechanic & I've been pleased w/ his honesty & professional service, their work is very reasonable & carries a 1 yr. warranty. I trust him over any of the Acura dealerships in the area. As for the chip, if it's minor, I wouldn't sweat it, b/c you'll inevitably get them on your hood, etc. The low slung car is just prone to rock chips & is a magnet for gravel trucks on the beltway! I know the car is spankin' new & it sucks to find a chip this soon into ownership, but I'd rather have a tiny touched up chip than a repainted top on a brand new NSX. Repainting will prematurely depreciate it's value. I've heard of airbrushed touch ups, but don't who does it. Right now, my NSX is in one of the best high-end body shops in the area--Wagon Work, Arlington, VA--they may be able to help if you insist. See ya at the next meet at Pohanka?
Just as a FWIW...

I also have a local independent mechanic which specializes in Hondas (coincidentally, named the Auto Doctor and owned by Charlie and Kent). They are very competent. They're also a half mile from my house.

What I do is have them do any routine maintenance on the NSX - oil changes, brake pad and rotor changes, fluid flushes.

For anything that's not exactly routine - clutch replacement, valve adjustment, and (if I ever have) any unexpected repairs - I take the car to the dealer. My dealer sees several NSX's a week, whereas mine is the only NSX that the Auto Doctor sees. While the Auto Doctor folks can undoubtedly do any repair work on the NSX, I figure my dealer's techs (who are also highly competent and very good) can do things quicker and can use their knowledge of lots of NSX's as a database to draw from when they encounter a problem. They also have access to Techline at Acura HQ.

All presented as an FYI as a data point for your consideration. HTH.
Originally posted by nsxbadboy:
Have the transmission serviced with redline MT90 oil.This will solve your problem with the transmission.

Is this oil OEM approved? What transmission problems will it solve? Where do I get it? Is it an additive, or a complete replacement?

THe MT90 transmission oil is a replacement. However, seeing that your car is brand new, I don't see why you would have to change the transmission oil.
The growling noise is normal -- my 2000 has made the noise since new, I checked it out, but can't remember the answer I got. As I recall, it has something to do with the TCS. BTW, the car will fell "flexy" without the top on, and whenever I plan on "spirited driving", I leave the top on.
Thanks everyone. That helps. I have owned about 4 t-tops (transams and 300zx) without any noticeable "flex" differences, but of course the whole top doesn't come off. I just didn't think about the NSX top. As long as it's normal, its ok.

DeHaldaswerth, if you ever recall exactly what the "growling" is please let me know. When you go to a dealer, they are all deaf and can never hear anything, or the problem won't present itself.

Thanks again
Have the transmission serviced with redline MT90 oil.

Redline MT90 is the same viscosity as a 10W40 motor oil and should be used only by those in warmer climates. Redline MTL (10W30) would be a better bet for those in all-weather climates. However, I've tried MTL and didn't notice any difference from the Honda manual transmission fluid, which I have since gone back to.

It's unlikely on a new car that the fluid would be causing a problem.
Congrats on your NSX!

I've never noticed faint "growling" noise along, nor any vibration from the gas peddle, but have heard several complaints of a shudder/chattering when the clutch is engaged. I personally have never experienced anything like this with my 2000 NSX-T.

I do notice a little more body flex with the top off, but not enough to deter me from taking off the top during spirited drives. I do believe this is normal.

As for whether or not the smoothness improves when cold or warm, I've never noticed my clutch / shifter being anything less than smooth.

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."


I looked into the noise question, and I as I recall, its the ABS pump spooling up. Next time you hear it, listen to see if it comes from the front of the car. BTW, I, too, feel it in the peddles as well as hearing it. It happens when the car is first under way after a cold start, and it seems like its shortly after I release the clutch for the first time.

In the FAQ section, under troubleshooting, I think you will find a discussion of it under "what's that noise?" Sorry I'm not intelligent enough to imbed the link here.

Hope this helps
Originally posted by ANYTIME:
Craig has far too much time on his hands.

HAHA!! Yehhhhh! look who's talkin!

So far I'm very impressed with Gold Coast Acura. Russ' parts are a little less than our friend Tracy and right down the street, and the NSX Service tech will drop everything to rap about your car...and Honest too....What's not to like!