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A Good Location for Stereo Amps

3 November 2001
Saint Augustine, FL
Hi NSXsters,

I'm trying to find a good place to put aftermarket stereo amps in the NSX. Currently, I have an amp sitting inside the trunk to the driverside corner (where the NOS bottle in the RM setup sits) and is wandering where other NSXsters have put amps. Could you all help me out by letting me know of some creative places that you have put amps or have seen in other NSXes?


Kenji Ligon

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maybe behind the passanger seat, mount it low down on the wall it will get air and be out of the way but whats wrong with were its at?

I plan on putting another amp in the car. Also, I don't want to permenantly put anything in the trunk area; I would want to utilize the (limited) space for when I travel. Everytime I put something on top of the amp it annoys me
I was thinking of pulling out the spare tire, taking out the tire jack tools and using the (space where the tire jack is located) to house the amps. Making something to hold the tire jack and put it up front with the spare (for long trips)when I decide to carry it.
I'm just trying to see how creative anyone has been (brainstorm) with locating stereo equipment.

Kenji Ligon

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Mounting the amp under the front hood is a really bad idea. It is 1) exposed to the elements and 2) gets really hot in there

On the firewall behind the seats is pretty common. You can pull the trunk toolkit and mount one down in there (depending on the amps cooling needs). You can also mount them vertically along the sides of the trunk so you don't lose as much space.
Mounting the amp under the front hood is a really bad idea.

I think Kenji was actually thinking of mounting it under the floor of the trunk, and moving the jack from there to somewhere under the hood.
Don't you mean "GOBBLE, GOBBLE?" Anyhow, mine are located on the right of the trunk where the CD player used to reside and under the trunk mat where the tools used to reside. Only problem is that the trunk mat covers the heat sinks and the amp will shut down under prolonged use. Can be fixed however.
Why not just mount the amp in the trunk on its side up against one of the trunk walls? That way it's out of the way and takes up a minimal amount of space.

What kind of amps is everyone here thinking of installing?

One problem I'm facing is the amp I've chosen, a Brax X2000, is so big that I can't easily fit it anywhere other than in the trunk! Some of the polished finishes available on the Brax amps are so nice looking, I'm not sure I'd want to permanently hide it anyway.
I have mine mounted behind my driver seat (I am 5'10" and it works just fine for me.

Here is what I did. I found some heavy duty plate steel (apx 3/16" thick) and bent it so that a tab slides under the driver seat rear mounting plates (the plate steel had to be drilled so that the bolts could pass through it)

So if that were all I did you would have two brackets of flat steel that follow the angle of the rear firewall and go up about 8 inches. Next I covered a piece of plywood in speaker box carpet and counter sunk four holes that mount up to the brackets that are behind the seat.

I have a Soundsteam Reference 400 amp back there as well as a halon fire extinguisher mounted to the board and it is rock solid. I does make it so that the seat cannot go back all the way, but it makes a nice shelf for stuff.

I like it alot and did not want to have to run wires to the trunk or take up the space.

I would post pics if I had a digital camera :-(
I would love to see how that looks!!
You said that you don't have a digital camera but do you know someone that could let you borrow one?

Kenji Ligon
I have performed over 25 custom high end sound system upgrades in NSX's. There are many ways to mount in the trunk and still achieve a factory or custom look. The car interior has absolutely to space that works without limitations in seat movements or other interferance. If anyone needs advice or products feel free to call (813)882-8477.
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