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A really stupid question

21 April 2000
Vancouver, Canada
hey hey,

Long time no talk to everyone here. Hope everything is well. Anyhow, he's my stupid question:

Can the NSX (heck any VTEC car), go into VTEC in reverse?

I'm thinking it can, if you go over 5600 rpm, i would assume that VTEC would kick in. Does it?
Same goes with turbo cars....Would a RX-7 or Supra go into boost in reverse?

I have no idea. Hopefully you guys can clarify this for me.


ps. I finally got my copy of Hyper Rev Vol. 32: NSX. It is one of the best books I have ever bought.
There are no such things as stupid questions...
I'm sure the engine will go into VTEC in reverse. After all, the engine doesn't spin backwards, only the final drive in the transmission is going backwards. However the reverse gear is the lowest gear ratio in the tranny, so it should spin up to VTEC range pretty quickly.
Just make sure that you do it alone. And in an empty parking lot or something.